Christmas 2007 in Review Part 2

Christmas had passed, friends and family had come and gone, but we were forced to linger in California, for on Sunday, Steve, our eldest, would turn 50 and a surprise party was planned for Saturday. Anyway, we hadn’t visited and exchanged gifts with Andrew and his crew yet, so it was down to San Diego for us. We couldn’t let Steve know we were still around, and Andrew’s house is tiny, so we had to find a hotel. I found the best deal at the Harbor Island Sheraton, and it turned out that we had a beautiful room at a very reasonable price.

We did a lot of running around those couple of days in San Diego, as we exchanged more gifts with our family, but when we were in our room, we quite enjoyed the stunning view–both during the day and at night. San Diego is a magnificent city.

Shawnna’s sister Tena and her family were still in San Diego and they joined us for some activities in the city. One of the famous restaurants at the downtown San Diego harbor is Anthony’s, which actually consists of three venues–a moderately priced family indoor restaurant with huge windows looking out to sea, a fine dining facility next door, and another place where situated are picnic tables and a walk-up window where great fish and chips are served. We opted for the outdoor place…scrumptious. It was chilly though, and we searched for tables near the tall heaters, and wrapped our jackets tightly.

After we had eaten, we walked Harbor Drive toward Seaport village  where between the cruise ship terminal and Seaport Village is the famed ship, the Midway. In a later post I will write of that magnificent and honored vessel.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas 2007 in Review Part 2

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  2. Esther

    Well, needless to say, I am jealous. Wish Papa and I could have stayed longer to visit with you. I’m glad you got to be with Tena, Lennie and boys. They think a lot of you. As I do also. Some day………..some day…………pray for a miracle to get us back to CA.
    As soon as we came back to MS. I came down with a fierce cold. So, I’m moping around trying to get well. God is so good, I really cannot complain. I want to draw closer to Him this year. Love ya’


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