Free Prescription Glasses for One-Eared Person

The right portion of my frames broke off. I currently have two ears, so these glasses are not particularly well-suited for me, however, if you are missing your RIGHT ear, and have a -3.00 prescription in both eyes, then these glasses are for you! Designer BCBG frames, anti-glare coating and a genuine glasses case seal this deal!

From Google images

I kid you not–I discovered the above ad listed in the free column on I felt I would be remiss if I did not let the readers of my blog know about this unique offer. So, any of you–around the globe–who have a need for such glasses, take advantage of this free offer.

Please let me know if it works out for any of you. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Free Prescription Glasses for One-Eared Person

  1. dean

    Although not in the serious vein, I remember my dad playing dominos with one eyed glasses. I know how funny he must have felt, but he never knew how FUNNY he looked. R I P Peace


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