A Christmas Night at the Lake

Purple Majesty, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton



“We need to leave as soon as we can,” Jerry said as we were finishing dinner.

So I promptly cleared the table, washed the dishes, gathered my camera and a few other things and went to the car. Jerry loaded in a couple of chairs and his jacket.

Having never done this before, we didn’t exactly know where to go, but after driving through a couple of crammed parking lots, Jerry found a dirt area beside the Lake Havasu Resort very close to the lake. It was a good spot and at first we thought to watch from the car, but then we decided to move down the slight incline and sit right by the lake.

The Christmas Boat Parade was scheduled to begin at 6:00. Right on time from the southern end of the channel began the cruising of beautifully decorated boats. They dripped with lights. My favorite were the group of sail boats, who, for several minutes, as they reached the bridge performed a graceful, circular pirouette.

It was a splendid night, a bit chilly and gusty, but not bad. Christmas carols playing through the area speakers lilted over the lake waters, the strangers beside us became friends, another photographer greeted me as he set up his tripod and through the evening snapped more pictures than I did; we met a couple of dogs, saw a few Santa hats and watched teen-agers twirl lighted plastic ropes in the air. Children called Merry Christmas from the banks, Arizona cactus, howling coyotes and a crescent moon glided by. Then silently moving before us was Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. And so, for the first time, Jerry and I watched the annual London Bridge Yacht Club Boat Parade of Lights. It was magnificent.


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11 thoughts on “A Christmas Night at the Lake

  1. Princeton by the Sea is north of Half Moon Bay, cradled around Miramar, El Granada and Moss Beach. Okay, the easiest way to describe the location is 26 miles south of San Francisco on the coast.


  2. What a beautiful site – bright colors set upon shimmering water. Takes me back to when we lived near Princeton by the Sea – all the boats and pier were sparkling with lights. Can sure put one in the Christmas spirit.


  3. Beautiful! What a great idea for a parade! We live close to a lake, but we never spend any time on it! Now when I lived near the ocean, that was another story altogether. Well, actually, now that I think of it… when I lived in Hawaii, I didn’t see any “tourist” sights until after I moved and went back on vacation! Great pictures!


  4. renaissanceguy

    Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures.

    Thank you, R Guy. Of course the pictures don’t in any way reveal the scene as it really was, but it helps. Have a blessed weekend.


  5. dan

    hey shirley. i am doing juss fine. my school work is good, but baseball is over and i dont like it at all. anyway my mom is doing a lot better. its been a year since her surgery and she can now do all the things she could do before it. thanks for stopping by

    Daniel, my dear invisible blogging friend–the youngest of all. I’m so very glad to hear from you, and miss having you on here a lot. I’m happy your mom is better.

    I know, sometimes school work is just not much fun. Let me tell you a secret, dear friend, lots of important things in life are not fun…but we have to do them anyway. I know you understand that and believe it.

    Hope you’re back to blogging. At any rate, you’re always welcome to talk on my site. We’ve had some fun together, huh!



  6. It looks amazing and sounds like you both had an enjoyable evening. Hope the rest of your Christmas season is just as amazing and enjoyable. Love you both. God bless.

    Von de Leigh, I love Christmas. It was a perfect evening. Wish you could have sat beside us as we watched the boat parade before us.


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