Wonder of the Sprouting Wreath

Gift Wreath, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

The door bell rang. When I answered no one was there, but a box had been set on the deck–a delivery from Fed-Ex, I believe. It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in Crestline, and when I took the box inside and opened it, I found that Steve and Dearrah who would not be with us for Thanksgiving had sent a beautiful holiday arrangement. That was two weeks ago, and the arrangement is still fresh appearing and beautiful. I actually took the picture here on Sunday afternoon–just two days ago.

When I first received a gift from proflowers I was amazed at how well the flowers travel, and how long they last, and as you can see, this latest gift from that company is no exception. In fact, if you look closely at the picture, you will see that not only is the greenery continuing to look beautiful–it’s sprouting. I never saw anything like it. When I first noticed the little sprouts, I thought it had been delivered originally that way and that I just had not noticed. Then day by day the tender green blades grew taller, until now they extend a couple of inches over the candle. Maybe if I plant the mysterious wonderful wreath, little wreaths will spring up and I will have a thriving sprouting Christmas Wreath business. Any orders?


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3 thoughts on “Wonder of the Sprouting Wreath

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  2. Beautiful! I’ve always wondered about ordering arrangements like this and sending them across country. Now, I have my answer. Thank you for posting another beautiful picture.


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