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Home for Thanksgiving

Welcome Home, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

We’re home–our home in Crestline. I was excited as a child when around 5:00 last evening we turned onto our cul-de-sac to make our final approach. I was driving and when we were a couple of houses away, I began honking the horn, both to let Ken and Nancy know we had arrived and to shout my own celebration. Our neighbor Ray was in the street, so we stopped and talked a few minutes. Got a big welcome from him, but Ken and Nancy weren’t home to grin with us and laugh and hug. A couple of hours later they returned. Ken called and he and Jerry talked at some length.

The first thing I saw as I entered our living room was this sign stretched across our fireplace mantel: Welcome Home. Immediately I suspected Nathaniel and when I called to inquire and to thank him, he said, “Aw, that’s nothing, Granny.”

But it was something, and it will stay up through the Thanksgiving holiday. Sweet Rebecca had come up and dusted and vacuumed the house, so we’re all set for the celebrations. I will spend the day down the hill shopping; main items on my list are Christmas presents, groceries and a macro-lens for my camera.

Our first Thanksgiving service at Christ Alive was a great success. We had four first-time visitors and we gave away 20 turkeys. One of the rascals now resides in our fridge, doing his thaw and awaiting his brining procedure.

A happy day to all of us as we enter this week of Thanksgiving celebration and festivities. I want to hear from you and of your plans and travels.


My devotional blog is here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

17 replies on “Home for Thanksgiving”

Have a wonderful, fun, happy Thanksgiving, Sis. Buxton! We would love to come again since last time was so great but, our family of four are spending a few days relaxing in the Napa Valley. I’ll take lots of pics and blog about it when we return home.

I’m thanking God that your home is still there and not gone in the fires. God is so good to watch out for His children.

To answer for my mom about Andrew & Shawnna: my parents are going to San Diego for Christmas and so are we! Love you!

Tell Rebecca and Nathaniel we said, “Hi!” and we miss them.


Hey Sis. Shirley, Whit and I are taking “Rete” to Illinois to see Tommy for Thanksgiving. We’re leaving tommorrow, (Wed.) Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Whit says, Hi to all.


CHERI, thank you, and my you also be blessed with a wonderful day on Thursday…and beyond!

DONNA, I just checked the foreword. How sweet of you to mention the tiny part I had in encouraging you to write such a book. It’s true, isn’t it, that we push each other forward. Thank you for the honor.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Bro and Sister Buxton, may you be bless abundantly this holiday season,

Love you,


DONNA, Jerry and I are home in Crestline after having been gone to AZ. for most of the year. We’ve been home once or twice since February. Of course we submitted a forwarding request to the post office.

On a whim, Jerry went by the post office today and found in our box a notice that we had excessive mail. When he inquired they handed him one of those big plastic post office boxes stuffed full of mail. Jerry has been sorting through it for an hour, and just now pitched over a package from you…so take back what I said, I have received the book. Thank you so much. Looks beautiful and certainly needed.

We’re not sure what it is with the post office, for we do receive mail that has been forwarded. In this box today was mostly second class mail, but mixed in was first class–including a check, bank statements, and invitations to functions long past.

Oh, well, that’s what happens when you live in two places.


Thank you, CATHERINE and CAROL and happy days for you as well.

DONNA, so sorry I haven’t received your emails before today. My verizon mail has not been forwarded. My current email address is

No, I haven’t received a book from you.

I really do like you, Donna, for you are projecting a very long life for me. 🙂 Not sure I’ll be selling books in 2997, but I’ll do my best to stick around that long. (That was really mean of me for I could have corrected the typo, but it was just too good to pass.)

Yes, I’d love to share a table with you in the 2008 conference. I’ll contact you by email.

Love everybody. Happy Thanksgiving.


Sis. Buxton, have been trying to contact you regarding sharing a table (for book sales) at the 2997 Western District Ladies Reunion Conference. Also, did you receive my new book? Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


ESTHER, are you coming to Calif. for Christmas? Or is it that Andrew and Shawnna are going to Ms.?

JANA, you’re right about Nate and Bek–Sweet as can be.

ANNA, you’re welcome to come here for Christmas. 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving Sis. Buxton. I’m thankful that you have a home for the holidays and that it is safe and sound after all of those fires. God is good.

I am staying home for Thanksgiving and excited to do so, but for Christmas, well we shall have to see…..:)


Well, needless to say, I am jealous. You get to have our daughter, your son and our combined 5 grandkids. Sure wish I could be with them too. But, at least, we will get them for Christmas. I know you will have a wonderful time. What I’m thankfull for right now is you and Bro. Buxton. Our Shawna has awesome inlaws and that means a great deal. Love you both……………


Sis. Buxton:
Virginia and I are so very glad that you and Bro. Buxton had a save trip from the desert floor to the mountain top.
Our prayer is that you and Bro. Buxton will have as GREAT time with friends and family our Thanksgiving Holiday.

Mervi & Virginia


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