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Living in Mortal Danger

“I don’t think they can see us here.”

“Okay, I think we can make it now.”

“Here they come. Run, Baby, run.”


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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

32 replies on “Living in Mortal Danger”

Actually, I don’t live in the city of Sacto. , but we have 5 acres near Galt, in Sacramento County. Yes, I do go to The Rock Church. πŸ™‚ We have been going there for about 21 years or so.


CHERYL, I can’t believe you have that many turkeys in Sacramento. Amazing. I think you should snag and cook one. Do you go to the Rock Church? I’m quite proud of Joel, as you can imagine.

CATHERINE, I’ve had a taste or two of pheasant. Pretty tasty.

TENA, didn’t you get the word. Sister Hurst said there has been a change in plans and YOU are responsible for getting the 200 turkeys cooked. Now calm down. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Just call up some ladies in the church to help you. Let me know how it all turns out.


Oh, no, no, no, Sis. Buxton! We aren’t cooking them! We’re giving away 200 FROZEN turkeys to low-income families. I will let you know how it goes.


Well I don’ remember seeing the wild turkeys alive but pheasants are actually very good. My dad and his brothers always caught some “in the cookie jar” at harvest time in the vineyard. They were full of grapes and had a great flavor. No deep fryer though – oven or stove top.
I looooove pumpkin pie, a good stuffing, winter squash, chocolate hmmmmm!


Actually, I don’t think I have eaten a wild turkey. My husband would like to try one though, cooked in one of those deep fryers (can’t remember the name of them).
The funny thing about this is: I live in Sacramento, CA. Can you believe we have so many turkeys here?
P.S. Your grandson, Joel, just preached at our church a couple of weeks ago. He did a great job!


Are you kidding?!?! We have begged to know how she makes dressing, pie, biscuits and gravy… Her answer is always the same. “Well, I really don’t know. Just a little of this and a little of that.” I have never had dressing anywhere as good as hers. She makes the best pumpkin pie and uses spices that most people leave out, but we have all got so addicted to the chocolate pies that she makes one just for me and one just for Paula. πŸ™‚


okay, what about this picture?
(I’ll also create a flikr account later)

Anyways my mom is Sis. Lisa and I have two younger sisters. (hope that helps)



I wish I’d had my camera with me on my way to work Tuesday morning. I looked off into the field to my left and near the edge of the trees, just into the grassy part there were about 10-12 big wild turkeys nibbling away. And in the middle of them were two deer grazing. It would have made a perfect FALL photo. My camera is in the car now… but probably will never happen again 😦 .


Oh, goodness, your avatar is so small, I can’t quite tell who you are, Veerocks…and besides I quite doubt that your name is actually Veerocks. πŸ™‚ How about some hints.


VEEROCKS–a surprise to me that you live in San Diego and that you go to Steve’s church. Neat! Hilltop is one of the best churches I’ve ever attended. I look forward to meeting you…or do I already know you?

TENA, how great. I’m eager to hear how it all turns out. You’re cooking 200 turkeys? How many people do you expect to feed?

We’ve collected lots of food and money for turkeys, but we are struggling to find the people to give it all to. I probably will blog about it tomorrow. Happy turkey!


Well…200 of those guys will be in someone’s kitchen, in Hollister, CA, this Saturday. Our church is having our Second Annual Turkey Give-Away! We’re bringing them to our church this time. We’re going to have music, testimonies, and free food and drinks for our guests. We’d appreciate a prayer or two, for we are believing the Spirit of God will “move” on these people and give them a desire to come back for church. πŸ™‚


I go to Hilltop Tabernacle πŸ™‚ Your son Pastor Stephen Buxton’s Church. Next time you come down I will reveal my identity…LOL


Hello, Cheryl-

Welcome to my blog. Hope you keep reading AND COMMENTING.

Have you ever eaten a wild turkey? or do you always get one from the store? I’ve heard that a wild one is not as tasty as a domesticated bird–maybe a little tough and stringy. I really don’t know.

My home state is Missouri, and although I don’t remember turkeys from my childhood, I understand that hunting them in the woods around my hometown of Springfield is quite the thing now.

I took these pictures this summer in Colorado.


I enjoy reading your blog, but have never commented. I couldn’t resist on this one. We have so many wild turkeys around our area. They are at times quite a nuisance. In fact, they will roost up in nearby trees on our property and about sunrise they fly onto the roof of our house. I have a BB gun by my door, and I pop them one to get them to fly off. It doesn’t hurt them, and I think they are actually learning, because they do this much less frequently now. I have counted up to 60 in a group, but usually there’s about 30. Every year my husband keeps threatening to kill one for Thanksgiving, but somehow it seems much easier to buy one from the store. πŸ™‚


Mom & I let those those turkeys go and opted for a store-bought one. HAW! We’ve actually had wild turkey (just hunted down) one Thanksgiving right alongside store-bought turkey. The wild was actually the juicier of the two, so YES, our message to those wild turkeys is the sameβ€”RUN BABY RUN!


VEEROCKS, guess you’ll probably have one of the slower ones for your dinner. What size church do you have that one person needs to take 10 turkeys? That sounds exciting. (Hope you go over and digg this article. Looks like John submitted it. )

JOHN, thank you for the digg. (I don’t know too much about the protocol for Digg. Is it appropriate to ask my friends to go over and vote?)


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