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Not Quite Perfect Shopping



McDonaldHave I told you the shopping here in Lake Havasu is abysmal? I mean it is awful. I want duly noted the tremendous, unselfish and long-enduring sacrifice I am making for the Kingdom of God by living here in shopping dearth-land, and by the corollary suffering brought on by this extreme repression of my God-given female shopping gene. Three major “department” stores grace our fair streets: WalMart, KMart, and Penny’s. There was one more place when we first came here–one called Dunlaps. Had its going out of business sale a couple of months ago. Very sad.

Holiday shopping days are upon us, and as I was puzzling about my dilemma today, I recalled that this time last year I had all my shopping done, my cards arranged, and the postage bought. Sickening thought, for this year–the year of our Lord 2007–I have no shopping done, don’t have one Christmas card in our motorhome, and haven’t even glimpsed a Christmas stamp.I believe God is humbling me and asking that I sacrifice the joyous exhilaration I experience when I stroll through crowded malls, as splendid notes of carols vibrate the fragrant air, angels fly, Rudolph blinks, Santas ho ho their way to golden thrones, and the cash registers merrily cha ching their way through each day.

It’s probably good for me to be so deprived. I was seriously considering that God is trying to teach me a lesson, bring me down a notch or two, when through my prowling around the internet, such a thought was solidified in my mind and I knew it for a surety. For of all things I learned of an outlet mall McDonald’s, where the food served is imperfect.

GURNEE, IL—Hungry shoppers at the Gurnee Mills outlet mall can now get a name-brand lunch at a bargain-basement price, thanks to the Monday opening of McDonald’s first “Not Quite Perfect” outlet store, offering imperfect and irregular items from the fast-food giant’s menu. More here.

So, I am resigned…(maybe)…to not quite perfect shopping. Don’t look for me at the splendid malls of Phoenix, or striding around those in Las Vegas, or at South Coast Plaza or strolling down Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles or prancing around Hollywood and Vine in smart Christmas shopping attire. No, you’ll probably fail to find me there. More apt to spot me in the aisles of WalMart or KMart or sitting in a plastic booth at one of McDonald’s fine discount shops. 😦

I clicked over to peek at Rodeo Drive and found this paragraph you must read:

In fact, Rodeo Drive is home to the single most expensive store in the world: Bijan (at 420 Rodeo Drive). You must make an appointment in advance just to shop at Bijan (which was named after its Iranian owner). On a typical visit, Bijan‘s average customer spends in the neighborhood of $100,000 on men’s fashions, which range from a $50 pair of socks to $15,000 suits.

Believe I’ve veered from my designated place. I’ll just wander back now to McDonald’s Discount and wonderful “Wally World!”


My devotional blog is here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

11 replies on “Not Quite Perfect Shopping”


I agree about the small town appeal. Now you take Crestline, my real home. It is a town of 8000 people with any and all charm you can imagine. Pitiful shopping. However, down the mountain about 30 miles is some of the finest shopping around. A perfect combination.


This reminds me of when we lived in Indiana. I had to drive FOREVER and a day to find a good mall. We live in the DFW area now, but I miss the small town feel at times. I won’t complain though, I enjoy shopping way too much to do that! I have great malls 15 minutes (or less) in several directions!


Sis. Buxton:
After reading your question I have sat and thought with myself. The answer that I come to is, after being to several of these “street parties.” I really feel it is the desire of people to meet, share, renew friendships and make new friends at a time of the year that we sat aside for this purpose. As you walk down the street you can hear. Hi, we have missed you in church. Good to see you, how is the family. The Lord bless you. And of course over and over “Have a Marry Christmas. One of the groups that sing is preschoolers from one of the local churches. This is just as close as I can remember to the Christmas of days gone by in Nebraska. Yet, without being in four or more feet of snow.



Sure do wish Papa and I could come to your beautiful little mountain town and your happy home for Thanksgiving. What a treat that would be. But, alas we would have the same reasons for not coming as we have for not getting back to CA. Thanks so much for the invitation.
By the way, there are some perks here in our small town Mississippi. Everyone knows everyone else……….you can’t walk down our street without several people honking their horns in greeting. Christmas time is neighborhood visiting time. Dropping in for snacks and tale telling. Sitting on the porches just hanging out. It’s great. And, we could never find a more wonderful, God filled, soul winning church as Woodlawn with the Carneys. So, even thought I miss all the wee ones, some things about the south are wonderful.
Maybe we will get a miracle (like winning free tickets) and get to come see you all. Love ya’


Oh, how my heart goes out to you. You poor thing. 😦
Can I be of assistance? Just give me your Christmas shopping list and I’ll be MORE than happy to help you out with your problem. 😀 Stores are plenteous where I live and I’m sure I can be of great help to you. Oh, it would be no problem at all. I wouldn’t mind. 🙂


Good morning, Mervin–

That’s a great thing that Exeter does. Do you think that type of function is successful because it fills a need for people to congregate–to touch each other, etc.?

Lake Havasu has lots of parades and community gatherings in parks and down by the bridge.


Sis. Buxton:
Here in the central valley, we will do most of our shopping in the local neighborhood. Yet, there is some of the availability of the larger cities missing. However the ambiance of the smaller stories makes up for many missing things. One of the small cites close to us, Exeter, Ca, has a Thursdays evening. The stories are decorated, they have choral group at each end of Main Street, and the stories have all kinds of finger foods, drinks and laughter. It is a real time of laughter, fellowship, kindred spirit and just enjoying other people.


Good morning, Esther–

Well, despite the sad scene right now, Lake Havasu is on the move. In a few months, our mall will be finished. It will have a new Penny’s, a Dillard’s, super Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, three theatres, restaurants, and lots more shops. It’s supposed to be quite a place. I’m ready for it, I tell you.

We’re going “home” for Thanksgiving, leaving after church next Sunday morning, and I’m hoping to get a fair amount of shopping accomplished while I am there. I’m going to take one day and see what I can get done. The other days will be full of grocery shopping, cooking and eating. 🙂 Why don’t you snag a plane and join us.



Well, I’ve got you beat Sis. At least you have a choice between 3 stores. Here in Columbia MS. we ONLY have Walmart. However, it is a super Walmart. But I DO have my shopping done (such as it is). We have a mall in Hattiesburg (30 miles away) but just the regular stores that are in every mall. I would like to see a mall that has all original stores. No chains. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Perspectives change when you come from CA. to “small town MS”. All I can say is “Thank God for Walmart”. Love ya’


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