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Yellow Chrysanthemums, Strawberry Pie, and a Pot Roast

Yellow Chrysanthemums, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

The delivery truck stopped in front of the motor home and was stuck part way into the street when I saw him through the front window. Hmm, I thought. Nobody’s birthday, not Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or anything like that. I watched the driver go to the back of the truck, take out a magnificent plant and come up our walkway.

“Shirley Buxton?” he asked when I had opened the door.


“Sign here, please.”

He handed in a gigantic, yellow Chrysanthemum plant, I thanked him, and as soon as he left I began poking around until I found the little plastic holder that would give me an idea who had sent these stunning flowers.

HAPPY FRIDAY. THANKS FOR TACO MONDAY read the card, which was signed MELINA.

No special occasion had caused my sweet daughter-in-law to think of me, to call her florist and to place this order. The previous Monday while Joel and his crew were still here, I had invited over all the family who live here in Lake Havasu, and we had cooked and eaten tacos outside, thus the Taco Monday reference. I called Mel and told her how sweet and thoughtful she was.

Later in the day, when I opened our RV door in response to a knock, I found the lady who lives in the next RV to ours. They’re “snowbirds,” from Montana, who leave their rig parked here year round, spend the summers at their home, then come to the RV here for the winter. We had moved into the spot next to them while they were gone to Montana, and since they have only been back a couple of weeks, I don’t know her well at all.

But here she stood before me, extending both her hands. “Made a strawberry pie this morning, and we surely don’t need to eat the whole thing. I want you and Jerry to have these.” Smiling, she handed in deep red pieces of fresh fruit pie.

The next day Janey called. “What are you and Jerry doing for dinner tonight?”

“Nothing special, Janey.”

“Well, I want to cook a meal for you. I have a new crockpot and a nice roast. Come down about 6:30.”

Within a 48 hour period, Jerry and I had unexpectedly seen the generous, giving side of humanity. For really no reason, three families had thought of us and decided to spend a chunk of their time to minister to us. Pretty nifty, huh?

It’s touching when I know someone has thought of me, has paused in their activities, made a call, stuck a card in an envelope, considered me when they baked a pie, or rolled a cookie or looked at a chunk of beef. For a few minutes I was there with them, inside their sweet head and in their memory bank. That, my friend, is precious to me.

And at this moment, I’m thinking of all you who are so generous to come frequently to my site, to read my little words, to think with me about life and its processes, to cry sometimes, and at others to laugh. With some of your names I connect faces; others are invisible, your forms unknown to me–yet in the human scheme of things, we speak and think and touch. Thank you. Truly you enrich my life.


My devotional blog is here.


By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

16 replies on “Yellow Chrysanthemums, Strawberry Pie, and a Pot Roast”

Sis. Buxton, Yes Dearrah and Shawna are precious too. I am always amazed when Andrew and Shawna visit Tena and I get to see them at church. Shawna is always so calm, cool and collected and their children are so well behaved. I don’t know if I would be the same if I had five. lol My hat’s off to her. And Dearrah has always been a sweetheart. I love her dearly.


Ronda, your love for Melina is not misplaced, and when one day you meet her, you will definitely know you were right to have such feelings.

And then, think of my other daughters-in-law who are equally fine. DEARRAH, whom you know, cannot be excelled as a hostess and pastor’s wife. She has done an outstanding job with the choir in their church. When we are in their home, I feel welcome, treasured, catered to, and waited on. Not sure if you know Andrew’s SHAWNNA or not. She amazes me–mother of 5 young children–the wife of a home missionary, I never hear her complain of her challenges–I mean never. (Now I suspect she does to Andrew or she wouldn’t be human, but not a lick of it have I ever heard.) I’ve listened to both DEARRAH and SHAWNNA address groups of women in church settings, and they each do an excellent job.

Excuse me for this long list of the tremendous qualities of my daughters-in-law. I’m like your Pappy Pound: Sometimes Jerry would say to him, “Pappy, you really look nice today.”

He would flash his magnificent smile and reply, “I just can’t help it, Pastor.”

My daughters-in-law are exceptional–and I just can’t help it.

Love you double bunches.


Sis. Buxton, One of these days I want to meet that precious daughter-in-law of yours. She is a true sweetheart and so thoughtful. I have read your posts about her at different times and I love her without even knowing her. And yes, how precious to receive such kindness from your neighbors as well. You are truly a blessing! Love you BUNCHES!


JOLENE, aren’t we thrilled with such affirmation. Thank you sincerely for the compliments. You have blessed me also.

ESTHER, perhaps when one comes through very troubled days, the ensuing joy is brighter and deeper. Surely, it is eagerly grasped and treasured. And what treasures we share–those five beautiful babies–Chloe, Gentry, Cole, Brady and baby Ella-Claire.

CATHERINE, thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and to tell me you do. Thank you too for the scripture reference. When I read your comment, I picked up my Bible and read the whole verse…have my Bible open beside me as we speak.


Holly, it is not my intent to make anyone feel badly, for truth be told, I receive far more attention than I in any way deserve. And that my dear, is the truth.

Let me remind you of one special thing about close friends. You may talk every day and be happy when you see each other. You may not talk for months, but when you do again meet, it is as though the passage of time were only moments, and that you were resuming an interrupted sentence in the middle of a conversation. That’s how I feel about you…and a few others. 🙂


Beka, my goodness, what a unexpected comment. Thank you for such sweet words. While I am not at all worthy of such attention, it impresses me that you choose to pattern your life after an ordinary woman who happens to love Jesus very much. Of course since I don’t know you and don’t know how old you are, I can’t be sure, but I suspect you are younger than I am. So let me tell you this: I’m counting on you younger ladies who are following after me to continue upholding Godliness and righteousness. The world and the church depend on such as you.

A taco? Come by here anytime and I will whip up one for you.


Sister Buxton,

Your have an awesome ministry with both your blogs. Thank you for enriching my life.

Pastor Pryor just had this scripture on the subject of love : It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35 KJV


What a refreshing change in topics. From sadness to joy. Life is awesome.
I count it truly a blessing to have the Buxton’s as my youngest daughter’s in-laws. I know that Andrew and Shawna and their 5 little ones, have people praying for them all the time and not just me and Papa. God has been so good to us.


Sis Buxton, I know exactly what you mean about being touched by those who just simply take time out just to let you know that they have thought of you or are holding you up in prayer. I have received so many beautiful notes from blogging friends the last 2 days that my heart is overwhelmed with love.

You also, have touched me in so many ways by your postings. From your wonderful journeys to your deep mind searching questions. My life also, has truly been enriched by wonderful people like you.


Hello Sis. Buxton. We think of you often, but are guilty of failing to act on those thoughts. I just thought I would act this time. You and Bro. Buxton are the best. Thank you again, and again, and again for all of your sweet, sincere hospitality. You have made the desert bloom (Isa. 35:1).

We truly love you!


Sis Buxton
I just wanted you to know that at the UPCOFOC (Pastor Pryor) the ladies and I speak of you and your blog often. As a matter of fact Sis Pryor and I where just talking about you the other night. In our conversation we where speaking of how we don’t understand how people worship famous people, then I had to tell Sis Pryor who I would love to meet and you are at the top of the list. One day I know we will meet if it is on earth or in heaven. Thank you so much for taking us along on your journey in this life.
BTW if we do meet here on earth do you think I could get one of those tacos? LOL


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