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U S Marines Forbidden to Film in San Francisco

Captain Greg Coralles says of this development: “This is a slap in the face of every American and every parent of men and women who are doing their duty. ”

Tuesday, September 25, 2006 Fox News


AP Sept. 24: A member of the U.S. Marine Corps stands at attention in New York’s Times Square for the filming of a Marine Corps commercial.

They’re the strong and the proud, but the Marines aren’t free to stand on the streets of San Francisco.

The Silent Drill Platoon of the U.S. Marine Corps wasn’t allowed to be filmed Sept. 11 on California Street in San Francisco for a segment of its new advertising campaign, a Marine spokesman told

Instead, the elite group took its austere display to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for the final segment of its “America’s Marines” TV commercial. The group is on a two-month nationwide tour as part of the campaign.

Rest of the article here.

I’m ashamed of San Francisco, a city I love to visit, a beautiful, appealing metropolis. More deserving of such opportunity–more deserving than the filmers of Rice-A-Roni, baseball teams, and soft drink bottlers– are the Marines of the United States of America. Furthermore, I’m ashamed of San Francisco for trying to prevent the Blue Angels from performing during Fleet Week, and for disbanding ROTC in their Junior High schools.

No matter our political preferences, our views on the war in Iraq, our consideration of health care issues, our stance on racial progress in our country–no matter–our military of every branch deserve our respect, honor and full consideration.


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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

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Thank you for welcoming me to your site. It is an excellent site and I am going to bookmark it.

It is nice to comment with you and Odale.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of threats against Christianity and traditional family values that have gone unchallenged for too long and now they are taking over our society.

I pray to God that Christians will emerge from their apathy and reclaim God’s will over all humanity.

I started my site out of frustration at what I see going on in this world and as one avenue to engage the culture for transformation.

A friend of mine who deals with cultural issues that I think you would get a tremendous amount out of his writings is S. Michael Craven. You can check out his writings at

We must rise up and take back the culture.

God bless you and your families,



I’m glad Chris came over and stated that b/c I was wondering, too, if surely not the “majority”, but going by other things I’ve read…

I have people in the Hendersonville/Asheville area of NC. Beautiful mountain region, but I read an article in a magazine several years ago that there was a billboard in SF inviting people to A’ville, “The Lesbian Capital”. Asked Mom, she confirmed. The sadness I felt is inexplicable. My great grandfather preached all over “them thar’ hills” during Billy Graham’s up & coming era.
As you said last night, Miss Shirley, we need to ask for God’s help!


Hello, Chris and welcome to my site.

I am 69 years old, and I astound myself sometimes at my naivety. It is hard for me to imagine the majority of a city such as San Francisco to have these principles–or lack thereof.

I followed the link you have provided, and I am astonished at this information. I have bookmarked that site.

Thank you for your stand for righteousness.


Good morning, Odale and Jana:

I don’t get it either. I followed your link, Odale. That picture is disgusting.

We must continue to speak out against such abominations. I wish San Francisco weren’t such a beautiful place, that I love to visit, for this kind of thing makes me want to avoid the city.

To be fair, though, probably most of the people of San Francisco do not attend to this kind of mind-set. There must be many who do, however.


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