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Fabulous Fondue at The Melting Pot

Waitress Prepares the Cheese, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

In the entertainment plans, our friends the Allens, had scheduled the grilling of steaks for Thursday evening. In the early afternoon, we all made a run to their church where they gave us Sunday school material, and on the way back, the subject arose of fondue restaurants. Learning that we had never been to one, they immediately changed dinner plans, called The Melting Pot and made reservations for us to eat at 7:15.

The Allen’s two children grown children, Anthony and Melissa, were with us, and their presence added to this joyous occasion.









The meal was phenomenal, lasting well over two hours. My favorite parts were the cheese courses, and the dessert. Our tables were fitted with two embedded, flat surface electric burners, over which our waitress prepared the cheese fondues. When we moved on to the entree course, she brought pots of cooking mixtures and set them over the burners. One broth was coq au vin–not sure about the other. The meats we impaled on our fondue forks were salmon, shrimp, chicken, plain beef and teriyaki beef. Raw vegetables for us to cook were also brought to the table–mushrooms and potatoes were my favorites.

Fondue at the Melting Pot

And then came dessert–two different kinds of chocolate pots. This presentation was of dark and white chocolate–appropriately called Yin and Yang. Platters of strawberries, pineapple, bananas, cake and other delicacies served as “dunkers” for the luscious chocolate. The other pot was called Turtle, I believe–had pecans and caramel included.

Yin and Yang

Somewhere during that time, we ordered coffee. We laughed, we relaxed, then we walked into the summer night, satiated–filled with outstanding food and with the delight of budding new friendships.


My devotional blog is here.Β 

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

23 replies on “Fabulous Fondue at The Melting Pot”

Helen, come to think of it, I believe I have met one or two of those Twigs. πŸ™‚

Rochelle, I have two sons who pastor in the San Diego area. Steve is in Chula Vista, and Andrew is starting a new church in La Mesa. (Andrew has an afternoon service, and a few minutes ago he called to tell us he had a husband and wife receive the Holy Ghost this afternoon! He had met them earlier in the week at a tire store. Yes!)


Yolanda – that name sounds extremely familiar… where might I know her from?

Sis Buxton – Brother Baxter Jr speaks of living in Joplin often! And I loved Brother Baxter Sr. He went on to be with the Lord a few years ago.

Brother Demphsey was my pastor when I was in Poway. That was about 10 years ago. When I go back to visit I attend Robert Nigro’s church. I graduated high school in Poway and my mom lived in Rancho Bernardo for many years before she moved to Indiana. Small world!


I’ve never eaten in a Melting Pot – I think there are some around here – but have had fondue at home many times. Bill and I were given a fondue pot as a wedding gift and didn’t even know what it was. But once we found out, we enjoyed it many, many times. Both of our sons grew up thinking fondue was a very special meal.

Not knowing fondue tradition, we created our own. We create massive salads and put oil in the pot – now electric, but the first pot wasn’t – to cook the chunks of steak, that are dipped in cheese sauce before being eaten. Also, a part of our family tradition are Twigs, that can also be dipped in the sauce. We have been known to go to the store for these alone, since we “can’t” have fondue without them. This is a slow meal, where we usually overeat, something we’re trying to do less of.

We have done one with melted cheese in the pot, where you dips breads. But I think we did that only once. If you decide to buy a pot, consider electric; it’s not as romantic but sterno is getting harder to find, and you don’t have to lift a pot of hot oil onto the cradle and then off again, before you can let the cat run free.

But I might just check out a Melting Pot for new ideas.


Rebecca and Holly, you two are something! Sitting together and closing out The Melting Pot, and having the wisdom of choosing the best courses: cheese and chocolate. It’s the kind of place to “close out.” I loved it, and to think I didn’t even know about these places a week ago.

Love you both.


Shirley, that sounds amazing. My hubby’s had fondue but I haven’t… the last “rage” of fondue-eating was well before I was born.

There are three of the restaurants within 1.5 hours’ drive from me… it sounds like a great 15th anniversary surprise for my hubby-dear!

**hugs** and thanks for catching up and leaving such a wonderful and heartfelt comment for Rob and me.


Great minds think alike! Rebecca and I were enjoying fondue at the same time you were. We had such a good time, we closed the place down.

We skipped the middle parts, and just had the best courses – cheese & chocolate.

Just in case you’re wondering… it was delicious.

Love You!


I can’t believe this. Holly and I just went to the Melting pot last night. The new one in Rancho opened a couple of weeks ago.

Absolutely delicious. We had the Wiscsonson Trio chees fondue. I can’t tell you how good. Then we followed up with the chocolate fondue. Oh my, unbelievably good.


No, Rochelle, that is not too much information. I’m delighted to know you better.

One of my best friends, Abigail Okeefe, is from Maui and a few years ago, we traveled there together…and to some of the other islands. Beautiful place.

I know Poway well, and as a child knew the Baxter’s…which would be your Brother Baxter’s father. They pastored in Joplin, Mo. and my father pastored in Springfield. We were in the same section, and attended fellowship meetings together.

God’s work is the greatest. Are we not blessed to be so involved.

Other blessings are found at these Melting Pots:

Austin – N.W.
13343 US Highway 183N Suite 350 78750
Phone: (512) 401-2424 [Fax]: (512) 401-0004

305 E. 3rd Street 78701
Phone: (512) 401-2424 [Fax]: (512) 495-6575

4900 Beltline Road, Suite 200 75254
Phone: (972) 960-7028 [Fax]: (972) 490-9115

6100 Westheimer, Suite 146 77057
Phone: (713) 532-5011 [Fax]: (713) 339-2740

San Antonio
14855 Blanco Road, #110 78216
Phone: (210) 479-6358 [Fax]: (210) 479-8106

Shenandoah/ The Woodlands
19075 Interstate 45, Suite 102 77385
Phone: (936) 271-7416 [Fax]: (936) 271-5103

2777 East Southlake Blvd., Suite 100 76092
Phone: (817) 329-2236 [Fax]: (817) 251-6611


Sister Buxton, thanks for your comment on my blog! I certainly love the encouragement! Here is a little info on me – probably more than you care to know… but here ya go! πŸ™‚ My husband and I attend North Cities UPC in Garland, Texas. Our pastor is DG Hargrove. My husband is a licensed minister out of the state of Indiana. He works for Irvin Baxter at Endtime. Endtime moved to Texas just under two years ago and they asked us to come along. I received the HG in Hawaii at Brother Scott’s church. Then I moved to Brookville, Indiana where my aunt and Uncle pastored. I lived in Poway, California for a little while and attended Turning Point UPC. I pretty much grew up in this beautiful Truth we hold so dearly. My husband did not, and he has a an awesome compassion for those deceived by this world. Well… I’m sure that is more than you were interested in… but I have a tendancy to ramble… πŸ™‚


Here you are, Deb and others in CA.

The Melting Pot Restaurants in California

Click on the restaurant name to go to the restaurant website
Brea (Coming Summer 2007)
375 Birch St. #1 92821
Phone: (714) 671-6000 [Fax]: (000) 000-0000

2646 Dupont Drive 92612
Phone: (949) 955-3242 [Fax]: (949) 955-3243

125 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. 94939
Phone: (415) 461-6358 [Fax]: (415) 461-6361

88 W. Colorado Blvd., 2nd Floor 91105
Phone: (626) 792-1941 [Fax]: (626) 792-3565

Pleasanton (Coming Soon)

Phone: [Fax]:

Rancho Cucamonga – Now Open
12469 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
Phone: (909) 899-1922 [Fax]: (909) 693-5099

Blue Oaks Marketplace, 6839 Lonetree Blvd. 95765
Phone: (916) 443-2347 [Fax]: (916) 773-6531

814 15th St. 95814
Phone: (916) 443-2347 [Fax]: (916) 443-5847

San Clemente
647 Camino de los Mares 92673
Phone: (949) 661-1966 [Fax]: (949) 661-6990

San Diego
8980 University Center Lane 92122
Phone: (858) 638-1700 [Fax]: (858) 638-8263

San Jose
72 South First Street 95117
Phone: (408) 293-6020 [Fax]: (408) 293-6093

San Mateo
2 North “B” Street 94402
Phone: [Fax]:

Santa Barbara (Coming Soon)
Coming Soon –
Phone: [Fax]:

Temecula (Coming Soon)
Coming Soon –
Phone: [Fax]:

Thousand Oaks
3685 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 91362
Phone: (805) 370-8802 [Fax]: (310) 589-7064

Walnut Creek (Coming Soon)

Phone: [Fax]:

Locate more restaurants


Sounds like your dinner experience was fun. Now, I have to go and try it for myself. It really looks yummy for my tummy! LOL


Aha! Here we go with those technical issues again. Should never have called your computer an Imp. I think these things have get back spirits. No? lol If this is still just the draft, then I’m sure the finished product will be outstanding. You surely have made me hungry. You will find me waiting somewhere in the shadows.


Hey, Yolanda. Welcome. This post is still supposed to be in draft mode. I’m not at all finished with it, and surely don’t know how this has happened.

Anyway, glad you’re here. Hope you visit often.


Thank you for the pictures of the Allens. Sis. Allen and my husband are first cousins, they are great people and alot of fun to be around. I really enjoy your blog. Have a blessed day.



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