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Loren Hedger is Dead

A text message on my phone yesterday gave me this information.

Chances are you have never heard of Loren Hedger, although he lived a long and rich life. I met him in September of 1955 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I had enrolled as a student at Apostolic College. I was young. Tender young, for to be exact, I had graduated from high school in May, and had just turned 17 in July.

He was a minister of the gospel, and was one of my instructors. Now, these more than 50 years later, I vividly recall his appearance, his concepts, and most importantly his godly ways. Through the years, Jerry and I have had some contact with him, and in Tulsa, some time ago before his beloved wife, Gladys, succumbed to cancer, we visited again with him–spent several hours talking, reminiscing, and sharing a delightful meal.

Loren Hedger was a handsome man, tall and dark-haired with a readily available smile. His demeanor was soft and tender, but one should not have been fooled by that, for, inwardly he was strong, principled and incorruptible.

Loren came out of such a church denomination as did Martin Luther, and immediately he set to studying the Bible–closely, intently, with a grasping mind and with fervor. During the early days following his conversion, as he was yet holding a secular job, he was so hungry for God and for an understanding of Him that he spent many long nights with God’s Word. Vividly, do I recall his telling of becoming so sleepy, and yet so passionate about his study, that, to help keep him wakeful and stimulated, he would prepare a pan of icy-cold water and place his bare feet there.

This godly passion was apparent in any dealings with this superior man. I would not be surprised to learn that such intense love for God’s Word was transferred to scores of young people who were privileged to “sit at the feet” of Loren Hedger.

I’m using this space today, not only to honor Loren Hedger, but to acknowledge those people who have contributed both to my secular education and to my understanding of The Spirit. I especially want to honor those who, with passion, have told me of life, of God and His principles. I’d like to hear from you also. Is there a teacher or two who has profoundly affected your life? Would you like to name them and give them honor?


My devotional blog is here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

24 replies on “Loren Hedger is Dead”

Brother Champlain, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your great comment. What a man Brother Hedger was, …and with you, I anticipate the day we will be together with him in Heaven.

Keep preaching the truth.

Blessings on you and yours.

Shirley Buxton


Thank you for Honoring my very first Pastor Lorin G Hedger, without the faithful service of that man many hundreds if not thousands of souls would be lost today! Brother Hedger used to drive a little volkswagon van called the sunshine special and pick me and my brothers and sisters up for Sunday school back in the late 1960s, i remember hiding from him on suday mornings in the field so i wouldnt have to go to church, but he just kept coming back every sunday, he even taught our entire Family a Bible Study the Night Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. I remember all of us running in to the living room looking at the tv while pastor Hedger stayed in the kitchen waiting for us all to return to the study, pretty funny now to think what he had to go through just to get us into the church. Brother Hedger was a man that i will always look up to, his dedication, his committment, his faithfulness, even though he is gone on to be with the Lord he doesnt even know but his many years of work didint go unrewarded, all the boys in our family myself included are now licensed apostolc pentecostal preachers, myself and my younger brother jim both pastor churches today, many people are receiving the baptism of the holy Ghost and have come to the Lord entire families and churches are now preaching the gospel hundreds and hundreds of Bible studies are being taught, many many souls have been baptized in Jesus name many many family members work in ministry positions, singing, muscians, song writers, assistant pastors, pastor wives, etc etc. And it all started with one mans faithfulness, and that man was Lorin Hedger. His name is in my church office and every service before i go out to preach the word, i see that signature on my baptismal certificate reminding me that somebody had to go the extra mile for revival. I cant wait to see him again in Heaven, what a celebration that will be! Brother Hedgers spirit of commitment to the things of God, lives on. The only way i can thank him is to keep preaching this Gospel, leading others to Christ, and following his example of what it means to be a christian, he prepared me to work for the kingdom of God. Thank you pastor Hedger. Sincerely Pastor Mike Champlain Gold Beach Apostolic Church.


There are many people in my life who have taught me lessons, not all of them would be labled as a teacher. Some were just ordinary people living life to the best of there ability, not knowing I was watching and learning. I learned from my dad’s mom that no situtation was worth losing your head over. I’ve never once heard her raise her voice at someone or even show her angry towards anyone. How mnay of us can say that!
Others taught me what not to do. Let me explain. My single cousin once told me that God had not given her husband so she was going to find one on her own. Today she is 33, divorced, has a 6 year old son, and is living with her parents. What could her life be like if she had only waited. (I might add that she begged for a divorce.) I consider her a great teacher of what not to do.
Still others have made such a mark that I as long as a I live I will be grateful for their teaching. One such person is the Rev. Gene Holley. When I first read your blog my mind went immediately to him. He was my youth pastor for 9 years. As a young person I was in awe of him. And 6 years later I still am. He always did everything with such passion. Even though we were just kids he always went above and beyond for us. He made living for God fun. And today if you just watch him he still has a passion for the work of God, he always pushes the limit and he makes you just want to live for God. The greatest lesson I learned from this great man was to look for the hidden talents and gifts in people. He saw our potential way before others did. He always found what was buried in us and dug it out and gave it life. Thank you Bro. Gene.
I know this is long, but I would be amiss if did not mention one other person. One of my hero’s. She taught me to live for God with all your heart through adversity. She died a month ago of a 3 year bout with cancer, but she never waiverd in her walk with God even after her husband suddenly died a year ago. I learned from her nothing in this world no heartache, no pain, no person could take away from me the precious love of God and through it all HE will sustain me.
There are many more people in my life who I could honor, but time nor space would allow. These are just some of the ones who have left their mark on my life. I thank God for all those ‘teachers’ he has placed in my life and I anxiouly await those I have yet to meet.

Sheree, welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here.

No, your remarks are not at all too long, but they are wonderful, and in themselves, no doubt, will bless other people.

I don’t know Gene Holley, but read his writing, and always appreciate so much when he comments on my blog. From what I have learned of him in this way, I am not at all surprised that he has had such a dynamic impact on your own life.

Bless you and your family. SJBuxton


I have to concur with my brother-in-law, Gene Holley about my mother and father. I am living for God today because of their example. The oneness doctrine was revealed to me in one of Daddy’s Wednesday Night Bible Studies. He baptized me in Jesus Name too. I have also had many, many people who I have looked up to down through the years that have helped me at different times in my life. I thank God for the United Pentecostal Church for providing me with Youth Camps, Camp-Meetings, Youth Conventions, Rallys, etc. where I could go and have great fellowship and awesome church.

On a secular level, Mr. Adams was my American History teacher. He took time with me and made History so interesting. When I was not making good grades in his class he ask me to stay after class one day and simply said, “Ronda you are a lot smarter than you think”. I ended up with an “A” in his class.


Yes, Sis Buxton God will always have a man. He may be hiding in the “stuff” or, “tending his father’s sheep,” while others think they are the ones of honor. I still feel a great honor to have been able to know Ike Terry. Not just Ike Terry but his first wife Maggie Terry. They were the right people in my life at the right time. And the older I get the more I see the thinking Bro. Terry really believed in needed more and more.

Have a safe trip and see you at camp.

Oh, some time back you were looking for information on “addition.” I will bring an article from Time that is very good on the physical how and why of addition, with hope that it may help you some.

See you at the old camp ground;



Good evening, Brother Clark.

The story of Ike Terry “fishing” for you is typical of his manner, isn’t it. There surely was no greater teacher than I. H. Terry. It saddens me that my youngest son, Andrew, did not know him. So many of our elders in the Western District are now gone…but God will always have A Man. You know that, and I do too.

See you and your family next week, I hope.


Hello, Heartwhispers. My, this is beginning to feel like a family reunion. I recall the Nunley name from my days in Tulsa, but I don’t believe I was close to any of them. What a heritage you have.

Brother Gray, Brother Haney, Brother Terry–all anointed, exceptional men of God. Are we not blessed to have them in our memory bank. I miss them all…and give them honor here.


Sis. Buxton;

The loss of a teacher is a great loss. The one teacher who stands out the most to me is the man who saw a, “rude, crude and socially unacceptable,” teenager. He and three men were building a boat and it caught my eye. I asked them if I could help, just so they would take me fishing. Needless to say they were fishing for me. This man baptized me in Jesus Name. He invested many hours in me. I got to see not only the man in the pulpit but the everyday man who loved God, loved God’s people and just wanted you to be saved.

About three years ago as I stood at his funeral I mourned a personal loss. My friend had won his race and gone home. So many will for ever miss the teaching and the counsel of this wonderful man. Even in his later years he would sit in his front room and teach and counsel both the young men, who he loved, and those close his own age.

Bro I.H. Terry holds a very deep place not only in my heart but the heart of many men.


Good evening, Rochelle.

It is telling that very busy people are often the ones who take the time to inquire of others and to mentor them. I’m glad for you that such a person as Jennifer Cobb has taken on such a role in your life.


I have never met Loren Hedger but my parents went to school in Tulsa also, and knew him well. They were there before you were in 1949 – 51. I was born while my parents were attending Bible College in Tulsa. My mother was born and grew up in Tulsa. She was a Nunley. There were 3 boys and two girls in the family.

I called my Dad to tell him and like you, he had only praise for Bro Hedger. They were sorry to hear of his passing. My Aunt Amy and Uncle Ernest Nunley have both gone on to be with the Lord, Ernest in ’99 and Amy this year.

It’s a small world isn’t it? I tried to think of one particular person that I admired, but there are many… my husband remembers Bro Terry when he (my husband) was just starting out in the ministry and he was in his study with some other ministers and he just listened and learned 🙂 Growing up in So. California, I always loved to hear Bro David Gray teach… he left you with a hunger for more. I used to sit outside the door of his classes during conferences… (only ministers were attending his classes) and listen to his teaching. I was only 10, 11 & 12 at the time. Also, I remember Bro Clyde Haney at camp in Fraizer park teaching. My dad still has some reel-to-reel tapes of his teaching. Isn’t God awesome! I know he is raising up another generation just as strong. We are going to need strength and determination in these last days.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


I would like to honor Jennifer Cobb. I met her a few years back and she has become an important mentor in my life. Although she speaks to congregations all over the world, she makes time for my phone calls. Even in the midst of her busy schedule she thinks enough about me to call me if she feels led to from the Lord and to tell me she is praying for me. She is always right on target and I know God uses her in a mighty way. She is a mentor to many young women like me seeking to be more like Him. Sister Cobb has invested in me wisdom that has changed my walk with God forever. I will forever pray that I am “Bound to Jesus!” She is a woman of her word and she walks in the Spirit daily. Thank you Sister Cobb for being an example of a Godly woman. And thank you Sis Buxton for allowing me this opportunity to honor Jennifer Cobb.


Yes, Shirley, I do think just that. And I hope that’s the way you took my comment on your other blog. Christian teaching is Christian teaching, pastor or not. I saw the connection btween this post and the one on your other blog immediately.

And I agree with Anna, above, in that I could name lots of people who have been instrumental in hepling mw grow intellectually and spiritually. I just chose Tony. BTW, he just got promoted from assistant professor to professor this month. He waited so long to get his first book published, because he used that time to teach others.


Anna, I’m sitting in the laundry room here at our RV park, and as I read your post, I began crying. (Fortunately, I’m the only one in here, so I won’t have a bunch of women patting me and inquiring as to my welfare. 🙂 )

It’s so wonderful to be engaged in each other’s lives, and to think that we can have a bit of positive influence on another person is at once humbling and uplifting.

Thank you for mentioning the people you did. Your speaking of Steve and Dearrah especially touched me, as you can well imagine, seeing they are my children. No doubt, I am prejudiced, but I truly know of no one who exceeds them in opening their home and tending to people in that way. They are fabulous people, and I’m glad you were one of the ones who found solace and help in their home.


Sis. Buxton,

It is hard to pin-point only a couple of people specifically because God has blessed me with such great mentors and leadership in my life. First of all God, he is the greatest and most loving instructor of all. My Father and Mother, what incredible people of God they are, not only as parents but as pastor and pastor’s wife. My brother, Paul, and his wife, whom I was blessed to have as my pastor/pastor’s wife for 6 years. They taught me discipline, leadership, and wow what revelations of the power in worship I received under his teaching/preaching. Bro. and Sis. Steve Buxton for loving a lost, young PK, for offering me a place of refuge in their home through the stormy seasons and for giving me good and Godly practical and spiritual instruction/counsel.

To all of these and many more I owe my thanks, respect and appreciation. I love them more than words could express. Without their personal investment in me, I would not be a smidgen of the person, or christian, that I am today. They taught me the true meaning of love through their example and service to the work of God.



Good morning, Helen. Thank you for honoring your professor here.

What a wonderful thing for you to be able to say that this man not only helped with your academic studies, but, also taught you Christian principles.

Don’t you think, Helen, that such teaching is instinctive in a true Christian–no matter what other venue may be involved. I believe people get confused about this, thinking today is Sunday, so I’m a Christian and will teach Christian things, whereas on Monday, I am only a grocery clerk, a factory worker…etc.

Quite a tribute you have paid to Professor Parent. Again, thank you.


The teacher I want to honor is Professor Anthony S. Parent of the history department of Wake Forest University. The man who became my mentor and thesis advisor taught me how to work, not hard but “consistently.” I did my best acadmeic work under Tony’s direction. I studied African American history, the civil rights movement of the 60s, especially Martin Luther King Jr. Surprisingly (or maybe not), I learned more about what it means to be a Christian through academic study that I ever did from any pastor I have had, and I have had some fine pastors over the years.


Hello, Gene. Thank you so much for writing of your very precious in-laws, who also were my friends. Indeed, they were exceptional people, and my memory cache lets me trek back to the long ago days when I first met them. Your sweet wife was not yet born.

Murray and Lila Layne were balanced people–godly, yet quite capable of laughing and playing. Not long after we first met them, we went fishing somewhere near Fresno, and afterwards had a fantastic fish fry.

We used to play Scrabble together, and once I spelled the word goverment, and Lila challenged my spelling. I was very sure she was wrong, and that’s when I learned that the word is government. Have never forgotten that lesson. 🙂

A happier day is coming when no longer will we weep because of loneliness. Think about it: together forever around the throne of our Savior. Hasten the day.


Karen, what a delightful and sincere tribute to such a giving, godly woman. The world is full of mentors such as these, and no doubt their heavenly reward will be multiplied many times over because of those to whom they have ministered.

Thank you for taking the time to honor her.


I identify with your post today. There are some great people who are relatively unknown that make profound impressions on the people they come in contact with. Bro. and Sis. Murray Layne, my in-laws, had such an impact on my life. They are not necessarily unknown in Pentecost, but to the world in general. When I wonder how much difference I am really making in the world, my mind goes back to their untiring work in the Kingdom – no matter where they were. My wife and I have often talked about how content they were – wherever they were planted. They just enjoyed life, loved God and people. In the process, they made huge impressions on the lives of those around them. I learned so much about being “real” and confident in my calling from them. I miss them terribly, but the memories are wonderful friends. Thanks for bringing this to mind today.


What a beautiful tribute to a godly man. Iwish I had known him or even known of him. One person who profoundly affected my life is Lydia Miraflor Thompson. I was almost 19 when I first came to California to be with my fiancee Mike and to seek out this new “religion” he had gotten himself involved in. A week later, I was born again of the water and Spirit and entered a glorious new life. Lydia opened up her home for me. She was recently widowed and in spite of her pain, she so graciously took me in and treated me like one of her own kids. She taught me how to be a godly woman and would read scriptures to me and pray with me. What an encouragement she was to a young, naive woman trying to find her way in life. Since I didn’t have my earthly Mom there with me at the time, she was a surrogate Mom and a spiritual mentor. She surprised me two months ago by showing up at my front doorstep with her husband George Thompson. What a wonderful time we had! Before she left, she hugged me and told me I would always be a daughter to her.


Good afternoon, Jolene.

I may embarrass myself at this moment, for it is possible I should know which church you attend, and therefore know which Rev. Allard is your pastor. Refresh my memory, and let everyone else know which of the wonderful Allard men is your pastor.

Ah, Brother Terry. Is he not a legend among us? I miss him to this day.

Thank you for honoring these men and their wives.


Sis. Buxton, Thank God for teachers who affect our lives in such a postive way. I want to give honor to my Pastor and his wife, Pastor and Sis. Allard. When I first started attending their church my life was in such turmoil. But with their love, guidance, and teachings I was able to pull my head above water. I also want to give honor to the late Rev. I.H. Terry. He was my father’s best friend and many times would call me up and say “I have a word from the Lord for you” and it was always right on time. Though Bro. Terry is gone, his love and his words will be with me forever. As for my pastor and his wife, well thank God I still have them. They are the best!


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