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Zina’s Death is Outrageous

An illegal immigrant–a known sex offender–is being held as a suspect in the murder of this beautiful child, after leading authorities to her grave. Tell me, if you can, why such a person is allowed to remain in our country? Tell me! Why? What possible reason can there be?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said Adhahn was convicted in 1990 of first-degree incest ( and that) is the basis for his detention, which should have led to the man’s deportation.

But a search by of the state’s voter registration records shows that Adhahn registered in 2002, and his registration was current.

Court documents state he underwent court-ordered psychological evaluation and was diagnosed with pedophilia as part of the case, the Tacoma News Tribune reported. (from Fox News) more here.

Seventeen years after he was convicted of first degree incest, this illegal alien was still roaming around in our country. Why was he not deported? Why? This is outrageous.

My heart and prayers are with Zina’s family.

Working on her Pappy’s computer and sitting beside me at this moment in DJs rec room, is my 12-year-old granddaughter, Chloe. When I consider such a thing happening to her, a red-hot rage swells in me. Why aren’t our laws enforced? Tell me, why. Something is wrong, drastically wrong.


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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

6 replies on “Zina’s Death is Outrageous”

Dear sweet Helen.

I read again what I wrote and I can’t see that I said Adhahn was from Mexico, or that he walked across the border. I used this current news story, to emphasize the serious underlying problem of criminals and terrorists easily coming into our country.

We do have a horrendous problem at our borders, with our immigration policies, and with the enforcing of them. I repeat, that in southern California, the majority of violent crimes are committed by Mexican persons who are here illegally.

We’ve had this conversation before, and perhaps this is a good time to say it again, I have nothing–absolutely nothing–against Hispanic people. Indeed, I love all races of people, and believe they contribute a richness to our society. In California we are blessed to have a wide range of people among us–we are the melting-pot of the world, and it is a beautiful thing.

Our churches are multi-cultural, and actually the biggest growth in our west coast churches are among Hispanic people. A large number of our churches have as many as a dozen or more different languages represented among the church body. I have attended many Hispanic conferences, have lots of interaction with them, and find them to be dear and precious people.

I am troubled when I travel to churches in the south and in the mid-west and see the dearth of black and brown faces. I miss having Asians and other ethnic groups in the church services. Part of this comes because there just are not that many different races in some towns; part of the problem, I believe, is downright racism and prejudice. It grieves me when I think that to be the case, for I don’t believe it to be a godly thing.
In California, we see almost none of that.

Having said that, though, I maintain my belief that our soft borders and lack of enforcement of immigration laws present a terrible danger to our country

Thanks for your interest in our country and in its people.


Shirley, This man was from Thailand; he didn’t walk here. It is unfair to Mexicans, even those who are here illegally, to place guilt here – by association. Crossing a border illegally does not make a person a sexual predator. This specific man is charged with and probably committed this crime. It certainly is too bad he was not exported years ago. Zina’s death is, indeed, outrageous.


Jayleigh, I believe I am a kind, understanding and forgiving person. But there are limits to what our society should be subjected. I’m of the definite opinion that illegal aliens who commit a crime should immediately be deported. At that moment. No excuses. No delays.

It’s absolutely ghastly. I’ve been with my granddaughter Chloe the last couple of days–a 12 year old changeling, who soon will be a woman. (Happily, she is a young 12…but still she is twelve.) I’ve looked at her often, and could not help but think of her being snatched into such a situation. I’m telling you if someone did that to her, I could easily claw out his eyes.

Not only is this danger here, but it makes our children frightened. Her dad, Andrew, kindly shushed me once when I was reinforcing with Chloe what she should do if someone ever tried to kidnap her. “She’s already very frightened, Mom.”

I’m not at all a fearful person; in fact Jerry tells me I’m too trusting and carefree, in some situations. But these problems are real and the threat is widespread. In California, it is reported that the majority of violent crimes are committed by ethnic groups–many of them who have walked over the border illegally.

Sorry for the spouting off. Glad you are here and share my sentiments.

Wish you great fatness!


Agreed. We must kick over the tables of our complacency, and stuff down the toilet the idea that we (just little me) can’t do anything. We must do something. To enforce the laws we already have in place seems to me the exact place to begin.

I’m demanding that.


I read this story this morning on the Fox News web site and cried. It is so hard for this old man to begin to understand the mind that would perpetrate such a thing on an innocent child or even another human.

Personal opinion:

The only way that we, as a nation, state, county or city can begin to hold back this type of crime is for someone to cry out and make those who make our laws accountable.

Mervin Clark


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