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Two Faces of Today

Congregation at Tonya’s Funeral, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

The services for Tonya began at 11:00, and it is not accurate to describe the crowd as being “standing-room only,” for in the auditorium, there was no more room even to stand. All the pews were filled, and down the entire length of each side aisle stood people. Many people must sit in the lobby, but even though they could not see, they were able to hear the entire service through speakers that were situated there.

Not only did the enormity of the crowd pay tribute to the sterling woman that Tonya was, but many family and friends, with choking voices and streaming eyes, stood at the podium to voice their affection and respect. All three of her charming children spoke of their love and regard for their mother.


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Taken in (See more photos here)

Jerry’s ministry concluded the service. He spoke wonderfully well, bringing comfort and hope through the powerful and blessed Word of God.

Taken in (See more photos here)

And now has come a new face to the day: June 27th is our wedding anniversary, and today we celebrate our 51st. We did not attend the reception a friend was sponsoring for Tonya, but we went out to eat with Mike, his family and some of his employees. He snapped our picture.

A few minutes ago, here in the rec hall, a delivery man opened the door to the office. “Shirley Buxton. I have flowers for Shirley Buxton.”

“She’s right here,” Jennifer replied.

Into my possession were delivered a dozen deep red roses. Guess who sent them? Yep, my sweet hubby. Special, huh?

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

26 replies on “Two Faces of Today”

wow!! 51 one years!

that is awesome and it is so very wonderful to know that you have my husband is A LOT like yours in your statement “The books say men are reluctant to say ” I love you,” and often forget special occasions.

Not my Jerry. He is affectionate, loving, and giving.”

We are both blessed with wonderful husbands!
I look fwd to the day when we celebrate our 51yrs together and so on…. thanks for sharing your blessed life. .


Dear Rebecca:

Yes, Dad and I are vibrant and healthy–as far as we know.

Thank you for your love and your good wishes. Can’t wait for camp meeting when we will spend a few days together. I think both Mike and Andrew are going, so that just leaves Steve. Hope he makes it too.

Love to you and Nate–Nate, the great.



To my dearest Mom and Dad,

Wish I could have been with you to celebrate your special day. The picture that Mike took is great. you both look healthy and vibrant.

May our God grant you many more healthy years together.

Our love,
Rebecca and Nathaniel


Mike, thank you for those sweet words. My greatest rewards in this life are you, and our other three children, who are such fine, upstanding, godly people.

Love you,



Mom , like all the things you and Dad have taught to the church and your children, you not only teach it ,you live it ,and it proves itself over and over. Thanks for that. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Michael


Sister Buxton,

I’m a little late but wanted to wish you and Bro. Buxton a happy anniversary. I know part of the day was sad, but I’m happy that you were still able to celebrate your special relationship. I pray you have many more happy anniversaries to celebrate.

Love you,


Thank you, Anna, for the info. In a few days, I will go back to your site and see if I can communicate with you there. I want to know more about what you’re doing.

Hello, Tommyjoe and Mom. You are two sweet people, and I love hearing from you.


We (mom & I) after having been away from blogging for a while (busy times for us) learned more about you today. You’re a firstborn (like mom). We were sorry to hear of Tonya. We were happy for your 51 YEARS. We felt like you were celebrating your anniversary with us. We deeply appreciate you folks. Love Mom & Tom


Sis. Buxton,

Yes Ma’am, I am the Anna you know from Colorado, although, I live in KS now. Thank you for complimenting my blog. I am not sure why it would not accept your google information but I fixed the security measures on the site so that anyone may comment.

Please stop by anytime. I love to write and would love the in-put of a seasoned author as yourself in those times when I become verbose and pour my thoughts out on my site.



Thank you Anna,

Anna, I’ve read extensively on your excellent site today. (For some reason, my Goggle name and password are not accepted, so I can’t respond there.)

A question? Who are you? You imply that you will answer if questioned? I’m asking. Are you the Anna I know from Colorado?

Bless you.

Shirley Buxton


Greg, God’s granting both of you health, with insight such as yours, and the determination to see it, one day you and Belinda will celebrate your 51st anniversary.

Here’s to that day!


Eva, many years ago, after reading lots of books on the relationships of men and women, I knew that Jerry is different from most men. The books say men are reluctant to say ” I love you,” and often forget special occasions.

Not my Jerry. He is affectionate, loving, and giving.

Blessed am I.


What a difference a year makes. Such a different celebration this year. I miss you terribly – can’t wait to see you again.

You make 51 years together look so easy. Thanks for being a fantastic example of a godly wife, mother, & grandmother.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I love you and your husband very much.

Many hugs,


Happy Anniversary!…………….We Love and adore you more than you know.
Ella-Claire, Brady, Cole, Gentry, Chloe, Shauna & Andrew


Red Roses – he’s making it hard for hte rest of us slack fellas! Congratulations. I think 51 years is simply exceptional.

The photo of you guys is simple and yet in it if one cares to look are the tell tale signs of a love that has stood many, many tests. I hope I can have a photo like that taken of me and my Belinda one day.



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