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Atheist/Christian Debate Using Only Scientific Facts

I was astounded when a few months ago on YouTube I saw many people stare unblinking into the camera and blatantly blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Without reservation, they stated their atheist and agnostic beliefs and with no apparent fear spoke of their willingness to damm their souls to hell. It was ghastly.

Across our planet there is a strong attack against God and His people. Outspoken atheists are proliferating and seem emboldened to speak against Jesus and His divine nature.

As I read the following article this morning, my heart was cheered, and I anticipate following this debate where Kirk Cameron will defend the existence of God using only scientific fact, and without invoking his faith.

NEW YORK – A prominent Christian best-selling author is asserting that he can prove the existence of God without using the Bible, and has challenged two atheists to a debate.

Christian Youth Challenge YouTube Blasphemy
Christian ‘Origins’ Expert Promotes Evolution at Texas Universities
Scientists Pit ‘Darwin vs. Design’
Intelligent Design Conference to Address Nationwide School Disputes
Ray Comfort, author of God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists, alongside fellow Christian and actor Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) will butt heads with two ardent nonbelievers using only scientific fact in a debate sponsored by ABC. Comfort says that the evidence will “absolutely” confirm that there is a God, and he will not speak about his faith.

“Most people equate atheism with intellectualism,” explained Comfort in a statement, “but it’s actually an intellectual embarrassment. I am amazed at how many people think that God’s existence is a matter of faith. It’s not, and I will prove it at the debate – once and for all. This is not a joke. I will present undeniable scientific proof that God exists.”

The debate is in reaction to the “Blasphemy Challenge” that started late in 2006. The two creators of the movement encouraged all people to tape themselves with a short message that will “damn themselves to hell.” Participants must recite the line “I deny the Holy Spirit,” and then upload their video onto YouTube.

Pleased read the entire article here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

30 replies on “Atheist/Christian Debate Using Only Scientific Facts”

Oooh and an other thing. Most christians compare the watch to the earth as it is complex and could not have happened by falling into to place. So would God not be the same as you cannot take pieces of a human and randomly place it to make a living thinking being. So therefore God was created by someone and that leads to, God was probably invented by a human to change something that we have not proved. And like teachers say we cannot give marks for something that is not their. So we cannot say god existes as he is not here.


Wow! I must be really naive… I just left a group online that is composed mainly of “scientifically minded” atheists… But I did not know they could get so vicious and evilish… Thank you for your post I will have to revisit and read for it is late in the day for me… God bless you…


Oops! How oblivious am I? This article was posted in 2007 and now it’s…yeah, 2011 o_o;
Can someone send me a link to this debate? I want to see if Ray Comfort actually went through with his “no bible, no preaching” strategy.


Y’know, someone should pat Ray Comfort on the back for respecting atheist intelligence by NOT quote-mining from the Judeo-Christian bible or emphasizing his faith. That’s more than a lot of other religious people will do, and I appreciate the dude’s earnest effort. As an atheist, this debate is something I definitely want to see/read about. I’ll admit that his claim to scientifically and irrefutably end an over 2000 year-old argument is considerably arrogant, but unlike many other religious advocates before him he will actually have material worth listening to and seriously considering. But only if he uses scientific evidence (and possibly logical arguments) as he claims, of course. Rational thought rocks! \oo/

P.S. It seems I missed the memo about the blasphemy challenge, silly me! I deny the “Holy Spirit” ;D


You Are A Blessing. Keep Doing What Your Doing. I Am A 17 Year Old Girl Who Needed Some Inspiration On How To Explain To People Tht God (& I Mean Jesus’ Father) Is Real, But For A Debate.My Father Is My Pasrtor & A Really Good Teacher.You Are A blessing, And Dnt Let Foolish People’s Uneducated Belief Bring You Down, I’ll See You In Heaven. 🙂


Yet another group of Christians fighting this wave of ignorance spreading across our world.

The atheists are forgetting a very important point, a contradiction (that is a falsehood) can be used to prove anything. And typically, when pinned down to something they cannot argue, or when the Christian shows they are not going to back down, they run off in a huff.

God Bless you! Keep up the good work!


in Re Montiel

With all ‘due’ respect I think before raising a question on the subject matter, perhaps it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with it first.

Since you ask about Richard Dawkins in particular: you could read chapter 4 of his acclaimed work The God Delusion on the topic. This will elegantly explain the essentials of natural selection.

Moreover, I too would like to wish you peace (though not of the kind that religion has brought upon the world).

On that note, peace be with you, D.O.


The peace of Jesus Christ be with u all…
Mr. Dawkins said in an interview that atheist don’t believe that the world happened by chance,
that their faith is in Darwin’s”natural selection”
of evolution and science. Since we “naturaly select” our cars, houses, shampoo ect. hence
my question, with all do respect, to the like minded darwinist, what is the difference between
the two “natural selection”. I would love to hear your comments..many thanks…


I love it when people use big words to try and impress us dumb hicks…cause golly Sis Buxton, ya gotsta be as thick as two planks to believe in God, doncha!

Greg, once I heard a preacher say something like this: “Our critics say our belief in God is just because we get all emotionally worked up. If this Christian experience is just that–an emotional reaction–I wish I had been born with a nervous breakdown!”

I’m glad I have faith, Greg, really glad. But it astonishes me that some find it easier to believe this beautiful world of ours just “happened,” rather than to believe in a Creator. Amazing.


I have come across many extreme blogs such as this one and I must say what was said in the first few lines was most disturbing:

“they stated their atheist and agnostic beliefs and with no apparent fear spoke of their willingness to damm their souls to hell. It was ghastly”

What I find more disturbing however, is that all the comments on this blog so far don’t so much as flinch at the damning condemnation of free expression present above.

The idea that one must be in terror and fear to challenge religion is laughable. It should be duly noted that the onus is not on the atheists to disprove God, but rather the so called ‘faithful’ to prove his/her existence. And so what if one does not believe that some imaginary, wrathful and scary (negligent) father-figure will send us to burn in fire and brimstone for not believing in him (note also, that whilst he does this, he still apparently loves us!)

Now I can imagine, that many of you will immediately cite the Bible as your first point of reference to support your dogmatic delusions. Not impressive. Historiographical studies of the Bible have revealed that it is not an accurate record of anything. Synoptic Gospel theories (supported by many theologians!) have shown that the accounts contained therein are inconsistent with verified historical records and are written hundreds of years apart: in the process, being influenced by political ideology and societal needs.

I read here also the classic argumentative fallacy that since the Bible cannot be dis-proven, it is equally valid as any other scientific fact or historical record. Wrong. Working with the example of the Lord of the Rings already given, we know that it was written by the author J.R.R Tolkien. It would be ludicrous to suggest that it is an accurate record of anything. This is the case with the Bible (which by-the way is less believable than Tolkien’s classic).

The fact that the Bible is thousands of years old lends no greater credibility than Homer’s Illiad on the Gods of the Greeks (i.e., Zeus: I bet none of you believe in Zeus, and if any of you do, you will most certainly, according to Christian belief, go to hell for worshiping ‘strange Gods’).

Argument from personal experience is no more impressive. One could believe they are Napoleon reborn, but it must be a pretty lonely existence for no-one shares their insanity. Strange is it not, that collective insanity called religion has no trouble leaping this steeple? Even more insane is the notion that it cannot be challenged.

I must say, I have come across an overwhelming magnitude of ignorance over time, and it seems much of what I have come across is exemplified here in this vichyssoir of nonsense.

Hello, David. I cannot see where I in any way indicated those who spoke on YouTube had no right to do so. Indeed, quite the opposite. My thinking that all sincere, respectful opinions have the right to be heard is one reason that I allow your opinion–in direct contrast to my own–to be posted on my site…even though you allude to my being ignorant, full of nonsense and insane.


Indeed, it’s impossible to prove a negative. That was my point about the Bible. It’s meaningless to state that the Bible has never been proven as untrue. People believe it because they are told to – and that is the main difference between it and LOTR.

Good morning, Patty. A great difference exists: places and events that are recorded in the Bible have been proven to be true. You may be right that a lot of people believe the Bible is true because they are told to, but many, including me, believe because I have found the teachings in the Bible to be true, and because it has enriched my life. I give you this; it also requires faith. How grateful I am that I have that faith.

I wish you well, and a wonderful day.


“One might also conclude that, while not a scientific book, the Bible has never been proven as untrue.”

Can “Lord of the Rings” be proven untrue?

Hi, Asherah. I’m not aware that anyone has claimed the Lord of the Rings to be an account of actual happenings. I know of no historical evidence to point to such a claim.

It is hard to prove the negative.

Thanks for visiting my site.


I am believer in Jesus and his kingdom. What I think about the rise of the aggressive from of Atheism of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris is that it is a fearful response to what the they see in militant Islam and some fundementalistic Christians. While we Christians cannot take responsibility for Islam, I do think we must start being more Christ like in our dealings with Atheists. We, Christians have to acknowledge that many hurtful things were said and did in the name Jesus in the last decade. We will be judged by the world by how we love one another and treat our fellow man (enemy and friend). Why does the church love talking about the gifts of the Spirit, but the fruit of Spirit (Revolutionary to this date) is give lip service.

Ernesto, you raise a valid point, and I agree that at all times Christians should maintain and exhibit a Christ-like attitude. Thank you for your comments.


Just a technical issue…isnt the God of Islam, the same God of Christianity and the Jews???
It was my assumption, given the first part of biblical history is the same for all three religions, and that Islam came about through Abrahams illegitimate son with his wife’s servant line of descedency.
And also that muslims admit to Jesus himself being an improtant prophet, but then break away from Christianity in that they dont believe him to be the Messiah?

Mike, yes there is only one God. According to the Bible, which is my authority, Jesus Christ is the physical manifestation of God; He who came to earth as the Messiah, our redeemer.


Good morning, Ethan. Welcome to my blog. Hope you visit here frequently.

Your last paragraph jolted me and since I had written this piece some time back, I read it again to be sure I hadn’t written something in a rude, thoughtless way. I was relieved to see that I did not accuse you or any atheist of having a lack of “morals, ethics, reasoning and understanding of life.”

I disagree with your understanding of life, of course, just as you disagree with mine, or we would not be having this discussion, but I have never suggested you to have a lack of morals or ethics.

When I saw multiple people stare into the camera and say they were willing to damm their souls to hell it alarmed me. While as you suggest I don’t believe in various other “gods” as do others, I would never assault these persons beliefs by blatantly challenging those gods to cast me into hell.

“Please stop and think before attacking an entire group of people.” Are you suggesting by this imperative that atheists have the right to espouse their beliefs, but that I should not state mine?


“Across our planet there is a strong attack against God and His people. Outspoken atheists are proliferating and seem emboldened to speak against Jesus and His divine nature.”

Excuse me?

Atheists do not solely deny the existence of Jesus, or the Christian God. Or focus on any one religion in general. We deny all forms of theism. Atheism is only the non-belief in deities, and I do not see how your stereotyping aids your actual point in this matter.

Please think on this for one moment:

You are an atheist towards all other religions except your own. Isn’t that true? We both, for example, deny the existence of the deities in Islamic, or Scientologist, or Pagan religions. Or do you believe in those deities also?

The only difference between you and me is that I believe in on less supernatural power than you do.

Please stop and think before attacking an entire group of people whose only association (with being atheist) is a lack of belief in deities or a supernatural power.

We have morals, ethics, reasoning and understanding of life just as much as you or anyone else does.

Thank you.


One might also conclude that, while not a scientific book, the Bible has never been proven as untrue.
Absolute statments are defined as eitehr true or false. To be true, they must always be true. To be false, it only takes one exception.
However, in order to prove any of it untrue would require going over it with a fine toothed comb in its original language and contextual use thereof.


I am Atheist. I’m not going to even say anything. The article has a correction…which basicly voids his arguement of using only scientific proof.

An article on Sunday, Apr. 29, 2007, about an upcoming debate between evangelists Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and two atheists incorrectly stated that Comfort would not speak about his faith during the debate sponsored by ABC. While the New Zealand-born evangelist has claimed for years that he can prove God’s existence “without mentioning faith or the Bible,” he does present the gospel during discussions. Comfort explained to The Christian Post that the main point of his claim is that he “can prove God’s existence, absolutely …, scientifically.” In the future, the evangelist will drop “without mentioning faith or the Bible” from his claims so that there will be no more misunderstandings.

– End quote. The bible IS NOT scientific proof. It’s a fictional book, that has not been proven as true. FAIL.


Chris, I am a believer in Christ and all he has unveiled to us thus far. One thing I think is coherent about the Bible, whether you believe the teachings are not, is the fact that if you lived your life accordingly, It would be a much healthier, and moral life in general. It just makes sense on so many levels, that it would be hard to dispute as a general guide to a morally healthy life. The problem comes in when people are immoral in their thinking that it doesn’t make much sense to them. This is the non-sensible type of people, and they will never have the faith it takes to live a conscientiously good life because of their disbelief in simply sound principles.


This is quite fascinating to me. I was brought up Christian and have turned skeptic. Although I don’t agree with the absolute of Atheism, I also can not buy the claims of Christianity… that the Bible is without error seems to be one of the main foundational claims, but also the teachings in the Bible itself. I’m classified as an agnostic.

I am currently working on an essay about my faith / lack of / yearning… ultimately I would like to have faith. If anyone is interested in having a correspondence concerning faith, religion, the media, and what I perceive to be the high jacking of religion by the conservative movement, please email me at Thank you. Chris


i just read jason blog and its so thoght provoking i will have to look closly thanks for your comment robert shaw


Hi Shirley, I trust you are well. Just thought I’d chip in, hope I’m not intruding.

Scientific method uses evidence of the five senses in publicly-repeatable demonstrations of fact. It only pertains to physical matters. By definition, metaphysical phenomena are beyond scientific investigation.

Since in principle it is impossible to measure metaphysical phenomena – it makes no sense, for example, to ask at what temperature a pint of soul boils at sea-level (I remain one of life’s ‘don’t knows’, sorry, I know you chaps are believers) – it strikes me that atheists are the most foolish of the lot: Atheism is a tenet of faith in the absence of something that couldn’t be tested if it did exist. Just absurd.


Hey, check out zigvid a new Christian/family youtube like service. It’s got some good stuff, god related and other. Look me up there too. Username Carrie.


Hello to the two Janas in my life, and thank you for reading my blog and for commenting here.

On May 5th, I believe, the debate is to be shown on ABC’s website as live streaming. Help me pass the word about this interesting event.

Love both of you.


We should all pray that the liberal media will show the debate in its entirety without editing critical points. This also causes me to ponder the scripture, “…a child left to his own, will bring his mother to shame…” We have heard of America being referred to as “mother.” It makes me wonder if this country will be put to shame because the “children” have been allowed their own way – blatant pornography, sexual misconduct, etc. Our constitition is no longer revered, disrespect is rampant, and good morals have ceased. This generation of “anything goes” is definitely going to bring shame to our country.


WOW!!! I hope I get a chance to hear or even see this debate!!!

God, give them(Comfort and Cameron)divine wisdom and show Yourself strong to a generation that truly believes that You don’t exist! Open the eyes of hearts that are blinded and wipe away the web of deceit that has them bound.


I love your blog! You’re sharing stories I’d not hear about without ya, and I am enjoying your views. I’ve added ya to my Blogroll so I can just click and visit anytime I want! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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