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The Coming of Ella Claire

Most likely, within a few hours, the Gerald Buxton clan will have joyfully expanded, and baby girl Ella Claire will have snuggled into the spot that we have carefully reserved for her. Shawnna and Andrew were working with us in the Rialto church, when Chloe, their first child, was born. Redlands Community was the hospital, and both Andrew and Shawnna were so pleased with the doctor that he has delivered all their children, even though they now live in San Diego. Last night was a happy time; the whole Andrew Buxton family converged on Pappy and me here in Crestline.

San Diego is two hours away from Redlands, Shawnna has easy, non-complicated preganancies and deliveries, so the doctor checks her in a week before her due date, and if all seems well, induces her labor. They left here this morning before seven, and she is now in the birthing process at Redlands Community.

It’s been quite an active morning, already. By 5:00 I was in my study preparing my devotional for today, and in a very few minutes, in walked Chloe, grinning. “I’m so excited, I can’t sleep, Granny.” By 6:00, the whole crew was up and at it, and to tell the truth I wasn’t feeling exactly spiritual or devotional minded as more little bodies came into the study, took up markers and papers and began an art session, literally at my feet. I have three beautiful paintings on my desk at this moment, presented to me by Brady, the baby…but only for a few more hours.

I’ve played two games of checkers with Cole, cooked breakfast, with Gentry’s help, who stirred up the oatmeal, supervised teeth-brushing and dressing of the wiggily bodies, instructed Gentry and Cole to begin their homework, ordered the beds to be made, and fussed with Gentry who discovered he left his backpack with said homework in the van which sets now on the parking lot of Redlands Community Hospital 25 miles away. I also gave him a sweet, firm lesson on responsibility….etc. He looked at me soberly.

Within the hour, we will take a walk in the woods (the weather has turned unseasonably warm, and it’s a beautiful day), have lunch when we return, and keep waiting for THE CALL. When the baby is born, we will go to the hospital, take turns holding little Ella, then we’re going to Rebecca’s and order in pizza so the cousins may play together awhile.

I’ve teased Chloe about the sonogram perhaps being wrong and that the baby will be a boy.

“No, Granny! I’m sick of boys.”

“Maybe baby is pretending to be a girl, carfully hiding significant parts from the camera,” I continued with the teasing.

“No, Granny. Stop. It is not another boy!”

Well, it’s a happy, exciting day here at the Buxton household in Crestline. Hang on for further developments. I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE 2:00 pm Tuesday Andrew called Chloe, who had sent a text message to her dad. “Another few hours, Chloe,” he said.

UPDATE 3:30 pm Tuesday THE CALL has come, and through the phone lines I could hear healthy baby Ella Claire screaming at a high pitch. She weighs 6 pounds and 13 ounces. We will leave here in a couple of hours to drive down and see her. Shawnna is well.

UPDATE 9:30 pm Tuesday We just returned from the hospital where we took turns holding and admiring beautiful Ella Claire. She is tiny–only 17 3/4 inches long. She is a perfect baby, and for this we are grateful, and sincerely and humbly thank our God.

UPDATE 3:30 pm Wednesday Shawnna, Andrew and Ella Claire had a good night at the hospital, and they will be driving home to San Diego within the next few hours. Jerry is on his way down the mountain to take Chloe to them, as she is going home to help out with things. I’m keeping the boys until Saturday, then we’ll take them home also.

ABOUT PICTURES: See comment # 25


My daily devotional is here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

40 replies on “The Coming of Ella Claire”

we are actually ella and claire this is soo cool..
\yeh we love you guys- PEACE OUT
(line deleted by blog owner)


Oh, I agree with you, Sis. Buxton, Pappy isn’t grumpy, instead, he’s silly putty around those younguns. 🙂 I just thought it was so funny that HE called himself grumpy. (That WAS him writing #30, wasn’t it?)


Tena, Pappy is really not grumpy; sometimes he likes to growl around a bit, but inside, he is soft as a marshmallow.

He has been so helpful with the grandkids this week, and so kind with them when they were sick. Last night, he was helping Gentry and Cole with their makeup school work. It was sweet.


Good morning, Mark. Thanks for coming by and for the good wishes.

Esther, what a treat to hear from you. Makes a dozen for us too. Jerry lost track somewhere. 🙂
See comment 30.

Look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.


Well, I am excited too, since Shawna is my daughter. I now have an even dozen grandkids. And, I feel confident that my 3 daughters are indeed done in the baby department. I will be going out to CA. to visit Jennifer and we will both go down to SD to see our sweet EllaClaire the first of March. Bill and I are so blessed. God has kept our daughters and all the little ones, in THE church. I am also blessed to have you, the Buxtons’s for Shawna’s inlaws. Love to you and Bro. Buxton………………. Esther


Congratulations on becoming a grandparent again. What an exciting time for you and your family. Babies are awesome and we are very happy for you and your family.

Mark, Jeanette, Rebekah and Noah


Helen and Amber:

Grrr! Pictures 😦

The middle of last April I bought a Nikon D50, my first digital camera, and immediately I began snapping pictures. You’ve seen many of them here.

Not long after I first bought the camera, the ring on the lens became loose, but I could put it back into place, and it seemed to work fine.

One day, during the Christmas season, the shutter button became difficult to depress, then within a couple of days would not operate at all.

I tried to have warranty work done locally, but the upshot is, Nikon has my camera, and I hear it can take months for repairs. I’m sadly disgusted.

I have no pictures of EllaClaire, although Andrew was taking a lot yesterday, and when they arrive home today, he promises to email me a few so I can post them.

I’ll put them up as soon as I can…promise!


Aunt Shirley,

Congratulations to everyone!!!I only have one request…Will you please put up some pictures so we can see this beuatiful new Buxton girl???

Lots of love, Amber

P.S. Be sure to tell Michael when he picks up mom in the plane that he has 3 more passengers ;)…I think that it is AWESOME what you and Uncle Jerry are doing…May God bless you and your work in the kingdom of God


Hearty congratulations to the Buxton Clan. I’m so happy for you all. Hope to be a grandparent someday, but until then, I’m loving and spoiling my little 18-month-old niece, Abigail Joy.
Blessings & Love,


Ohhhh!!!! I got “the call”, too! I can hardly wait to see her! My new little neice! Did Chloe breath a sigh of relief to find out for SURE it was a girl?! Ha! That was funny how you teased her. You know, I prayed it would be a girl from the very beginning, just for Chloe. :D. I’m planning my trip down there very soon. Congratulations on being grandparents…again.:)


Richard, yes, there is nothing–absolutely nothing—like being a grandparent. I never get my fill of my sweet grandchildren…well, not usually. 🙂

Richey Canyon is still beautiful, but over the years has changed a lot. I haven’t driven through there in years, but there is massive building everyone, and very upscale homes in that area, so I suspect what you have heard is true.

Thanks for visiting my site.


Holly, what a shame you missed the excitement over at Redlands. She is adorable. We can’t figure out just who she looks like. I don’t think she resembles too closely any of the other youngsters. She’s little!

The grandparent compliment? Thank you. As always, you are gracious and encouraging.


Praise God !
Aren’t Grandchildren wonderful !

When I was a kid, we lived for a short time in Richey Canyon. I was told recently, that it is still there and all built up with upscale homes. Is this true?



I was at Redlands Community today! At 1:30! If only I had known… I definitely would have stuck around a few more hours to meet the newest Buxton. I’m sure she’s sweet. Please give my sincere congratulations to Andrew, Shawna, and Ella-Claire’s siblings. I’m so happy for all of you. This child is definitely blessed with incredible grandparents! Welcome to the world little one.


Congratulations! I’m forwarding a link to your blog to my mother-in-law. She and her husband(a pastor in Hamilton, IL) would be encouraged by your blog. Especially the new church! All the best to you!


Hello, Andrea, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Of course, I’m delighted to have a place on your blogroll, and hope you come by here and comment often.

Thank you for the complimentary words, and especially for those of blessings and faith.

I’m going over to check out your blog. 🙂


I am new to the Blogging world and love to read your blog that I of course found through another blog. I will put you on my Blogroll and if you don’t approve of it, please let me know. But I truly love your way and style of writing and what you have to say. And may God Bless you and your Family and the new Church!
Awaiting Jesus


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