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A Snowy Morning in Crestline

Icicle, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

It was predicted, coming down from Alaska, so at 12:30 I climb from my bed, walk to the window and check. Yes! There is snow. Jerry rouses a bit when I snug myself back beside him, and unable to restrain my enthusiasm, I say softly; “It’s snowing.” There is a muffled, indiscernible response.

At 3:30, I look again. At 5:00, I pull on my warm robe, slip my feet into fur-lined boot/slippers and walk to the kitchen. The thermometer outside the window reads 19 degrees!

It is still dark. I want to see the snow falling, so, in the front, I turn on the yard light and settle myself by the glass door. In the beams cast by the lamp I can see swirling snow and wisps of fog. I open the glass door and for a few minutes I let the cold air drift onto my face. At times the fog lifts, and across the lake, I see a scattering of lights, then they are gone again, extinguished now by the fog and the gathering snow.

It is quiet. I hear no snow plows, nor the moving about of neighborhood cars. Tranquil and unspoiled ends a winter night here in Crestline, for now comes the greyed dawn.

At 6:00, I measure coffee beans, pour in the water, press a button and within minutes, I catch the tantalizing aroma of Starbucks. Soon Jerry joins me and together we sit before the glass doors that give to a winter panorama of beauty here in the mountains of southern California.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

14 replies on “A Snowy Morning in Crestline”

Hi Larry. I’m hearing about the terrible weather all across our country–especially in the Midwest where violent ice storms are reported. Other places, though, in the East where it’s usually cold talk of playing golf in shirt sleeves.

Dean and Larry–both of you. Be careful of firing up grills. Carbon Monixide !

Still very cold here–setting all kinds of records.


Hi Sister Buxton. Larrys right! We will fire up the grill, here in Texas, for just about any reason. Or for no reason at all.


Well, winter sets in here. Just outside of Houston. It is wet, wet. Temps are supposed to drop towards 30. If it sticks ice will reign and the city will all but shut down. As long as we don’t lose power all will be well. If we do I’ll just fire up the grill.



OH, what a wonderful MORNING, Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL day!! I was very skeptical when Mark called while driving to work and said he thought it was snowing in, *gasp*, Rialto? Oh, but it was!! It was GORGEOUS!!
I, as well as my pastor, Larry Booker, felt that God was having a good laugh! The ILC church body had been praying – NO RAIN, NO HIGH WINDS, but we forgot to say NO SNOW!! LOL The crusade went off wonderfully tonight and the tent and heaters fulfilled their jobs!!!
Come join us tomorrow night!!


Donna Claborn called at 8:30 this morning to tell me her yard was covered in snow. Bryce’s girlfriend, Veronica, lives in San Bernardino and she said everyone was in street playing. Although the kids would love for it to snow here, it would actually be very detrimental to the citrus. The farmers are even using helicopters to try and circulate the heat put out by smudge pots to raise the temperature a few degrees. Hopefully, there won’t be too great a loss. I must admit, it would still be fun to have some snow here.


Sis Buxton, It is fine that you do not remember me, yes you may when you see me, I don’t live in California anymore, When Linda moved to Arizona I followed and am in Bro Garretts Church at this time, I do visit your Blog when time permits, and love your stories that you share, God Bless Cheri Bagato


Larry, vacariously is for the timid and the uninitiated. Vacariously snatches away the thrill of wide-eyed discovery and the excitement of new. Vicariously locks you in to eternal warmth and comfort. Vicariously is boring. 😦

But then again, vicariously protects you from frozen mittens, the blasting of a thrown snowball, bringing in wet wood and trying to maintain the fire, shoveling off the decks….

Come see us. Starbucks will always be abrew.


Uhm, could you tell me what snow is? Being from where I am in Texas I have heard of it but, never seen it.

I love your post. I love the icicles. I love snow…. Until my feet get wet.

I will live vicariously through your Blog.

I will also take a cup of that Starbucks.



Hi Jana!

Well, it was a snowday for Crestline as you can well imagine.

About 7:00 Andrew called asking about the snow. “Adam says it’s snowing in Rialto. There’s snow all over his lawn.”

I called Rebecca who lives in San Bernardino. “Do you have snow?”

She laughed, looked out the window, then called for Nathaniel to get out of bed. It was snowing there too!

Weather reports said it snowed as low as 900 feet and snow was coming down on the 10 freeway. A wild day.

Nathaniel told Rebecca as she trotted him off to school, “Granny said I should have a snow day!”

“Off to school!” she said.

Holly Pierce, who lives in Rialto called me. “Snow! My boys are having snowball fights.”

Did you know Brother Booker is having a tent crusade in Rialto, starting tonight? They have large heaters, so it should be all right, though. He told Jerry earlier tonight when he looked at the window this morning and saw snow, he roared with laughter.

Hang on! Maybe you’ll get some in your town.


Cheri, thank you for coming by and for introducing yourself. My memory fails me concerning your being here, but I’m sure if I saw you I would remember. Do you still live in southern California?

I hope you come here every day–read and comment.


Bryn and Blake have been praying for snow even though it has not snowed here in eight years. Now the weatherman is predicting flurries. They are so excited. When they left for school this morning, the temperature was 21 degrees and everything was covered in frost. They wanted to know if they could make a snowball with the thick frost. They are so cute and their excitement is contagious.


Good Afternoon Sister Buxton, you may not know me by name but I used to live with Linda Buxton in Ontario, and have been to your house even before you all moved in, and I know from Experience the beauty that you talk about, you describe it well,like we can all see the beauty that you are protraying, thank you for sharing in GOD’s beauty
Love you


Helen, many days I look through our windows to the beauty of these mountains and find it hard to believe I really live here. Often, I simply say, “Thank you God.”

Come see me some time. 🙂


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