We Are Snap! Too

We’re blessed! This blog has been selected to be one of the 10 % of WordPress sites to have Snap! installed as a Beta program. Check it out. I think it’s great.

Edit: Since feedback is important to WordPress administration, please leave a comment stating your feelings about this program. Thank you Madams and Sirs!

9 thoughts on “We Are Snap! Too

  1. Yay Shirley! Who knew your blog would be such an astounding success! (Well…. “I” did!) Happy New Year to you and to all of your family. I surely have enjoyed my connection to you and count you as one of God’s gifts to me in 2006. Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts, not just with me, but with all the people you touch, here, and in “real” life. God Bless you, God bless Jerry, God bless all the Buxton clan!


  2. I read about SNAP earlier today and I hoped I would be picked… but no.

    It looks great! I LIKE IT!!!

    Happy New Year, Shirley. May you and your loved ones continue to be blessed!

    I had some amazing breakthroughs this week with my patient, Meg. I am flying high!


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