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Just Your Typical Grandmother

From BBC, proof that Grandmothers just can’t help themselves. Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth grin at each other. I love this picture.

I pictures: UK photos of the year 2006

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

10 replies on “Just Your Typical Grandmother”

Maria, I too remember seeing it earlier. It has now been designated as one of Britain’s Pictures of the Year…as you probably already know.

Evey, thanks for your comments and for blogrolling me. And a happy New Year to you, also.


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