Don’t Hug a Panda—Not Even Gu Gu

EDIT: January 8, 2009 Gu Gu has struck again. Read it here.

Now, I must confess that I have often said that Panda Bears look adorable and cuddly; however, I certainly, never for one moment, believed my observations of them to indeed reflect their actual natures.

Someone imbibed a little too much, thought Gu Gu looked sweet and wanted to give him a friendly hug. It is astonishing that he wasn’t mauled to death.

Credit to AP

Gu Gu the panda

Gu Gu the panda is said to have suffered no harm after the event

A drunken Chinese tourist says he bit a panda who attacked him after he jumped into a zoo enclosure to “hug” the bear. Zhang Xinyan, 35, had drunk four draught beers before deciding to enter the Beijing Zoo pen belonging to six-year-old male panda Gu Gu.

The startled Gu Gu bit both legs of his intruder, who responded by biting “the panda on its back”, Mr Zhang was quoted by state media as saying.

Mr Zhang said he had not realised pandas could be violent.

He told the Beijing Morning Post that he had come to the Chinese capital “only to see the pandas”.

“The seven-hour train ride was exhausting, and I drank bottles of beer when I arrived then had a nap,” he added.


The newspaper said Mr Zhang had a “sudden urge” to touch Gu Gu with his hand, so he jumped over the waist-high railing into the enclosure.

No one ever said they would bite people. I just wanted to touch it

Zhang Xinyan

“When he got closer and was undiscovered, he reached out to hug it,” the newspaper added.

Mr Zhang was bitten first on his right leg, and then on his left.

Newspaper photographs showed him lying on a hospital bed with blood-soaked bandages over his legs.

“I bit the panda on its back but its fur was too thick,” Mr Zhang recalled.

He went on: “No one ever said they would bite people. I just wanted to touch it.”

Zoo spokeswoman Ye Mingxia said the panda was unharmed and they were not considering punishing Mr Zhang yet.

“He’s suffered quite a bit of a shock,” she told the Associated Press by telephone.

Edit: 11:05 Looks as though this Panda is safely behind glass. BBC

Child mimics sleeping panda at a zoo in Beijing

2 thoughts on “Don’t Hug a Panda—Not Even Gu Gu

  1. Giant pandas are fascinating (and endangered) animals, but they’re also very large bears. When unknown people invade their territory, this seems to be the usual result.

    See my blog dedicated to panda attacks.

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I will check yours out in a few hours. People who climb over barriers and enter the area set for wild animals are foolish, indeed.


  2. Wow that is crazy! And about the picture at the bottom, I didn’t see the glass at first. It looked like that kid was laying next to the panda. Hah! 😀

    See you soon,



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