Nona Freeman, a Soldier

DSC_0232, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

EDIT: January 8, 2009 I understand that Sister Freeman has had a stroke, also has pneumonia, and is in an intensive care unit. Let’s pray for this tremendous woman of God.

On Friday and Saturday in Bellflower, CA. I was in services with, among other people, Nona Freeman. She is a soldier–a 90 year-old soldier of the cross. She lives in Texas and speaks somewhere every weekend. Her daughter travels with her, caring for airline tickets, luggage, etc.

Nona Freeman is a remarkable woman. She and her late husband, for 41 years, I believe, were missionaries to the continent of Africa. In the early years of their lives, they answered God’s call to South Africa, taking five small children with them. Later, Brother Freeman was given the oversight of the entire continent of Africa for the United Pentecostal Church International.

In the late 1980s, they returned to the United States, continuing their ministry here. Since his death a few years ago, Nona continues to be actively involved in the work of God. He is her life, her passion, her joy. She has written multiple books.

I salute this remarkable woman of God.

43 thoughts on “Nona Freeman, a Soldier

  1. I am so thankful to have been blessed by the writings, teachings and life of Sister Nona Freeman. Although my personal contact with her was brief, I felt that I knew her through the words she spoke and wrote. The sense that she was “real” and that her deep love for Jesus and people guided her life blessed me in a unique way. Now, when the thought suddenly enters my mind to bless someone in the name of Jesus, I often think back to my teacher, Sister Nona Freeman.

    Celebrating a lifetime of Godly ministry through Sister Freeman,
    Denise Dickson



    I guess I know her so well my late husband knew her most he was raised by her in church as they pastored the church in rosepine louisiana and i’m the lucky one to know her through my husband,I know her is a powerful women of God.she is my hero and mentor
    I will love her for ever


  3. Jan

    I love Sis.Freeman she is truley amazing little lady.
    Remember the story that she told about the robbers that were in her home they took off and when caught by the police they told of the 3 I believe men that were standing there with her(they being angels)
    She and my mom (barbara carr sherrill) were in Africa together & I met her at Uncle George & Aunt melissa Andersons church in C’ville Ok


  4. I heard her a few years ago on a website. She was talking about The Blessing. At that time I was going through some things, and that message was a real blessing to me.


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  6. Sis Buxton, I too posted a prayer request for her. I googled her name to put a picture of her on my blog and found yours.. 🙂 She is my hero and what beautiful things everyone has said on your blog. She is all this and more.. Lord Bless you, Sis Noel


  7. Brenda

    Anytime I here Sis.Nona Freeman is in my area I go listen to her preaching.She is very annoited and blesses me each time I here her.I really love to hear about the man who was going to commit suicide and the Lord told her to go to door and start waving.If she hadn’t obeyed the Lord the man would of killed hisself.Thank-God for Sis.Nona who listen’s to our Lord.
    God Bless You


  8. Sister Alysha and Gloria–

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet words about Sister Freeman.

    It’s so wonderful that she has written books, for then even after her death, we can still enjoy her ministry.

    Hope you visit here often.


  9. Gloria Patton

    Sis. Freeman has always been my mentor. I love her very much and she continues to bless me in Jesus Name each time I see her.


  10. I’m Rereading “In The Bag” a book by Sis. Freeman. I absolutely admire her and her work for the Lord. I was blessed to speak with her on a few occasions as well as received some written letters.

    To know her peace in God…. THAT’S where I want to be.

    God Bless You All!!!

    Sis. Alysha (CLC Germantown, WI)


  11. Hi, Linda and Renee–

    You are two privileged women to have the opportunity to hear Sister Freeman. Because of her advancing years, the next generation will probably not have the chance to know her.

    Linda, I know Sister Wendell in a casual way, and also admire her. I’m not aware of any books about her. She still is active in ministry.

    Bless you both.


  12. Renee

    She is a wonderful woman, whom I only had the priveledge of hearing but once in person. Although I have read some of her many books.


  13. Linda Maddix

    Dear Shirley:
    Just dropped by to say hello. I just had the pleasure of learning about Sis. Nona Freeman. I stand in “awe” of this woman of God. What a blessing her testimonies are and I look forward to learning and reading more about her. Love your site and will be back to check it out often. I was at the NC 2006 UPC ladies confrence when Bobbie Wendall spoke. Do you have any info. on her? These great missionary’s for Jesus….. what a life! God Bless you & yours!


  14. Hi Megan–

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Did some church do a play about her life?

    I’m glad you got to meet her and pray with her. she is a precious woman of God.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you come by often.


  15. megan moody

    well i went and saw the act of nona freeman and the bug story it was great. Afterwards she prayed and layed hands on me and i could feel god immediantly and i just wanted to say that she is a great person of god
    -megan moody 13 year old.


  16. Hello, Jann

    Welcome to my blog. Hope you’re here often. Wish it were so that I could attend the NC Ladies Conference and hear this tremendous woman one more time.


  17. Hello, Evelyn and Krista. Welcome to my site. Hope you visit often.

    Thank you too, for taking the time to post of your experiences and memories of this precious woman of God, Nona Freeman.

    Krista, someday you will meet again with your parents—in glory. Such a happy day that will be.

    God’s blessings to all of you..


  18. Krista Lee Williams

    My parents were missionaries to S. Africa in 1962 under the direction of Bro. & Sis. Freeman !

    My parents, Rev. Lloyd & Juanita Williams have gone onto Glory !!


  19. Hello, Dan and welcome to God Things! Hope you visit here often.

    What a treasure you have in your family–the beautiful Nona Freeman. I wish through my life that I had known her better than I do. She truly is a jewel among us.

    Joy today!

    Shirley Buxton


  20. Pam and Emilio, thank you for your comments about this precious woman of God. She truly deserves every bit of honor that is given to her.

    Bless you both.


  21. Dan Freeman

    I was so happy to read the comments about my Aunt Nona she was married to my fathers brother Uncle “BUG” (as we called him). She and He were and have been a real blessing to our entire family.
    Dan Freeman
    West Monroe,La.


  22. Emilio Vigil

    What a precious Jem!She recently spoke at East Valley, in San Jose, CA. That beautiful anointing that wafts from her is truly inspiring. If I ever meet the president, or speak to the most powerful individuals in the world, it could not come close to meeting this woman who at nintey preaches the Gospel as if it just happened yesterday. I am truly amazed at how much she is in love with Jesus.


  23. I just saw the photo of Sister Nona Freeman that you had posted back in August. She is a real trooper, one of those “old timers”. I have been privileged to sit under her teaching/preaching at many meetings and Ladies Conferences from a young age. She tells it like it is and how it should be! But you feel her sincerity and concern while she’s doing it. Her love for Jesus, her intensity, and her desire for you to see what she sees for the Body of Christ and as women in the Body, is so compelling and powerful.

    She’s a true example of a Godly woman. She is a living inspiration to all of us, to be all that we can be for our Savior. I have a photo that was taken of us together that I treasure and keep as a reminder of “keeping on, don’t stop, keep on keeping on”. She is a blessing from God to us.



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  25. Hello, Susan and welcome to my blogs.

    Oh, how I agree with you about Sister Freeman. She truly is a champion among us. I hope she reads these comments and that many others also do that. She deserves to know what a blessing she is.

    Hope you visit and comment often.

    Blessings and joy today.

    Shirley Buxton


  26. Susan Martin

    I have had the tremendous privelage to hear Sister Freeman and her late husband on a number of occasions inclusive of my home church and Ladies Conference in Lufkin, TX. There is a song called “That’s What Champions Are Made Of”. Some of the words are That’s what champions are made of, those we look up to, heroes of our faith. I can’t describe Sister Freeman any better than a champion, one we look up to “A true HERO of our faith”. I greatly admire this woman. I have written her several times and every time she always responded back. I cherish every letter and evry word of encouragement and advise she has given me. I just think it was so awesome for her to take the time to write back. She is a true gem and a wealth of knowledge.


  27. Stephen, thank you for coming by my blog and in particular for honoring our mutual friend, Nona Freeman. Thank you for sharing the tremendous message that she presented to your church.

    Blessings and joy. Please come often to my site…and help spread the word that the internet not only has dangerous and filthy places, but is a venue for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  28. Stephen Bellairs

    I am a member of the church in Bellflower where Nona spoke. (By the way, she is actually 93 years old.)

    I was impacted by this woman’s ministry in a big way. Her message was significant and I believe God’s purpose in having her address our congregation is clear–to us and to all. Her opening remarks sumarize His point: the Church has operated in the dimension of the exuberance of the Holy Ghost for over 100 years; it is now time for the Church to operate in the dimension of the Power of the Holy Ghost! Not only did she deliver this powerful admonition and revelation from God, but she delivered seven practical steps we can accomplish in our daily lives to enter the dimension of the Power of the Holy Ghost.

    Truly, God is awesome and merciful.


  29. I had the privilege of meeting Sister Nona Freeman, and hearing her speak the words of the Lord at my home church this weekend (Oak Park Church in Richmond, Indiana), and I must say that she left me with something to build on the foundation that I have been stuck on for so long. To say she is an amazing woman just isnt enough. I dont think that there are words to explain how wonderful she is. To hear her preach, speak was an absolutely life changing experience that I will NEVER EVER forget!!
    God Bless you all, and Sister Nona if you ever read this, you are my angel sent from God to assure me that, “Its all going to be alright.”
    I love you endlessly!!
    Misty DeSonie
    Oak Park Church
    Richmond, IN 47374


  30. aprdmomy

    “And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you:I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you.”” Isaiah 46:4

    ” They shall bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourshing.” Isaiah 46: 4

    Sis Freeman is a woman of God. We are blessed to call her our sister. Thanks mom for this beautiful posting.



  31. There’s no question, Nona Freeman has been a great inspiration to many of us. I feel my life has been enriched by being around her–which really hasn’t been as much as I would prefer.

    Ronda, she doesn’t take that plate full of vitamins anymore–she takes a liquid called Relive, or something like that. She also still carries hot sauce with her–not Tabasco anymore, but Habalero (not sure about the spelling.) On her flight to California, they confiscated her bottle. She laughed as she told us, “I brought one with just a little in it, for I was afraid they would take it away.” She is something else–sharp as ever.


  32. Nona Freeman is such a great inspiration to all. I will never forget being with her at a resturant and I asked for margarine with my roll. She said, “Honey, you need to use real butter”. And I said, “It’s fattening”. To which she replied, “You won’t ever eat enough butter to make you fat. That is not what makes people fat. Margarine is bad for you, even roaches won’t eat margarine.” LOL She also had a small plate full of vitamins that she took after our meal. Maybe that’s why she is 90 and still going strong. I love her dearly and am so happy you posted this about her.
    Ronda Hurst


  33. Donna Hogue

    What a great picture of a wonderful, Godly woman. Truly we are blessed to have her with us so long! She has been an inspiration to me since I was nine–54 years. She is amazing!


  34. I’ll never forget our church Ladies Retreat she preached at many years ago in the Santa Cruz Mountains; she was so anointed and fun to listen to. She can tell the best stories; and they’re all true. I also remember the time she came to the church I went to in San Jose (Shoemake’s) and prophesied that many souls would be saved there! I have a cassette tape of a message she preached at a conference somewhere; it was about love, and I’ve listened to it many, many times with my family. It touches me every time. She will have many jewels in her crown in heaven. Thank you, Sis. Buxton, for honoring her.


  35. Sister Freeman is definitely someone to be admired. I didn’t realize she was 90. I remember hearing and reading about her when I was a new convert, and that was over 25 years ago. I’m sure you were blessed to be able to be with her.


  36. Jayleigh, I wish you could meet her. She must have help to rise from a chair, and someone walks with her to the pulpit and arranges her Bible there. From that point on, for an hour or so, she speaks with a strong, powerful voice, standing totally by herself. She is amazing. She reads a text and announces a subject, then “wings” it from there, I believe. She tells many stories and life experiences to emphasize her points. Her ministry is quite powerful.

    Yes, God is awesome.


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