Is Racial Profiling Necessary?

“Of course, however unpleasant or politically inconvenient a fact it may be, young Muslim Arab males are responsible for the overwhelming majority of terrorist violence around the world today.”

This honest and caring article expresses well my thoughts on racial profiling–especially as relating to our world and its challenges today. Please read it.

I’m off to a conference today and tomorrow.

Blessings to all of you.

12 thoughts on “Is Racial Profiling Necessary?

  1. Listen racial profiling is necessary because you all know that if it works and it saves one life or a million lives it works and another thing if god thinks it is bad why would he make minorities why would he think of murder or drugs my father has been a cop for 12 years and he has profiled before but when he pulled the african american over he found 2 shotguns and heroin he was on is way to kill his partner and racial profiling stopped a murder


  2. Aren’t we really talking about two separate issues? One, should searches be made? And two, should we single out a certain racial group for these searches.

    I am against searches of all kinds because they take away our rights. They presume we are guilty until proven innocent. A lot of people seem not to mind because they think the searches make us safer. I don’t thnk we are safer becuase of the searches. We have just become more fearful of attack. I refuse to live in fear beacuse someone may fly a plane into a building and kill innocent people (including me). Shirley thinks searches are okay; I disagree. That’s why we will probably vote for different people.

    The other issue is more important to me because it involves racism. Our country has a history of racism, so we need to beware. People of any given race are not more likely to sin than people of other races. Now I think flying a plane onto a building and killing others is a sin. But I thnk it is just as wrong to single our out Arabs for a special kind of “guilty until proven innocent” as it was to drive Native Americans from their land, keep African Americans as slaves for one’s own economic gain, or imprison Japanese Americans during WWII. Those acts were wrong, and this is wrong. It is racism, and just as flying a plnane into an occupied building is sin, so is racial profiling. And no amount of “we’ll be safer” justifies a national sin. Racial profiling is wrong. God has called me to a minsitry that involves expaianing this concept to people who don’t see racism as systemic because they are not personally racist. Buying in to a racist system is sin, just a persoanl racism and flying a plane into an occupied building are sins. If God sees as all sin as a rejection of Him, the racial profilers are in as much danger as the terroroists, although their actions will not cause immediate physical death to others. The question is this: should we sin to be safe? I say, no.


  3. Hi Shirley,

    I see nothing wrong with profiling, however, I see where Alice is coming from. If we keep looking for one type of a person, they will sneak someone entirely different right past us.
    My mother’s parents came from Syria over 90 years ago. They were only 2 years old at the time and they were fleeing religious persecution – they were Catholics in a Muslim nation. My mother is light skinned with light hair. Not all Arabs are dark!
    But my brother who also has Italian blood in his system is constantly stopped at airports for his luggage to be checked. He has nothing to hide and welcomes the search. He is pleased that our country is actually being agressive against threats. He was not upset or annoyed that he was “targetted” or complained that it was an inconvenience. He understands that he looks Arab as much as he looks Italian. Profiling is necessary – we should not turn our heads the other way if one is Muslim. But we should also be looking at the blondes with light skin as well!
    And am I the only one that noticed small cell phone stores are owned and operated by Arabs (or is this only in my neck of the woods?)? I never thought much about it until the threat of using these devices as bombs manifested. It is a little unsettling.
    God Bless You and Yours.


  4. Dear Shirley,

    What I am trying to say is that if we profile a
    certain type of person, they will have to pursue their mission with an atypical type of person who has been indoctrinated to the extreme and seemingly noble cause of those isolated due to their own behaviors.
    What I meant about historians is that they do not include outright racist acts that over time have created hatred. They paint with a singular
    stroke that does not bring to the light every dark thing, including the battle over oil,and the powers behind the tampering with and toppling of very many governments throught time.

    We see through the lenses of the media, just as those who watch pro-terrorist television abroad see through those lenses. We are continually programmed with bias and isolationism in the name of safety and patriotism. There are reasons why so many nations hate us.

    Why are we unwilling to see ourselves in the light of the total truth? Behold, every thing that is done in the darkness, shall be brought to the light.


  5. You’re welcome, Koshino.

    Understand tired, Daniel. So glad school is going well for you. You’re right to keep that as your first priority right now.

    Alice, I’m not sure I’m understanding everything you say, but this I do understand, and do agree on: “It is this same glory that hovered over the great void, parted the Red Sea, and raised Jesus
    from the dead. All of creation awaits, with groaning this very manifestation.


  6. The time will come when the Fundamental Radicals
    of Islam will come from every corner of the globe, from every race bearing non-typical Muslim features. They will not only come from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, but they will come as Caucasian males and females.

    These will be the same ones who drank poisonKoolaid, and were waiting for the UFO’s totake them up as their bodies wasted away. Brain washing is an equal opportunity exploiter.

    Deception is deepening its roots and taking hold
    of the entire world. It is the writer’s of our history who have written away the answers for all of this uproar. The deleted cloak and dagger activities of many have been kept secret, while those who have a proclivity for bias have chosen to become our scribes.

    Now, here we are. As Americans, we are prisoners
    of those who hate us. Evil is coming as a strong, malevolent force. What better backdrop for the manifestation of the glory of God? It is this same glory that hovered over the great void, parted the Red Sea, and raised Jesus
    from the dead. All of creation awaits, with groaning this very manifestation.


  7. Buddy

    God truly is on the throne, yet it is that same God that has given us the ability to reason. He has also given us wisdom if we will but ask.
    I lock the door to my house at night AND I have absolute trust in His ability to protect me — These don’t have to contradict each other (Israel was instructed to have locks on the gates surrounding Jerusalem, Neh. 3).
    My guess is that there are far too many people afraid of potentially offending someone by profiling. This would, no doubt, happen to some; however, the honest hearted and innocent would readily see the need and understand that it is for their own good. The risk of being destroyed as a nation is far too great. We must remember that our enemy is counting on our sensitivity to others feelings to prevent us from protecting ourselves.


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