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Disdain For America

upsidedown flag, Mexican flag atop US flag, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I had thought to post this yesterday, along with the other flag images, but I decided against doing so. I didn't want to muddy our significant holiday with this dispicable picture.

This is the epitome of disdain for our flag and for our country. I am saddened…and angered.

For more pictures and discussion go here

After reading from the above referenced page, a reader identified only as TMJ writes as follows:

I live in a small farm town in Nelson County, Virginia, and will retire from the Virginia Army National Guard in April 2006, after 22 years. I have spent almost one half of my adult life preparing myself and my soldiers for a time, such as now, that our country might successfully face our enemies, foreign and domestic. Looking at your webpage this morning and seeing the pictures of the high school students raising a Mexican national flag over an upside down American flag saddened me terribly, insofar as there are American soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen currently putting their lives in danger in order to provide these "citizens" the comfort of knowing that their protests will not result in being lined up against a wall and executed for their behavior, as they might in other countries around the world. What would be interesting to know is if these young men and women are enjoying their educations on the back of the American taxpayer at a public school, while denigrating the country that provides these benefits to them, and so blatantly desecrating the flag that serves as a beacon to draw them to America in the first place.

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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

38 replies on “Disdain For America”

Hello there, Mwgrl5: What a sweet post you have made here. Thank you for your very kind attitude.

I certainly have no hard feelings toward you, and had totally forgotten your comments, and I certainly do accept your apology.

The internet is a wonderful place, though of course, fraught with great danger. The thrill of it is that we can freely state opposing opinions…and then, wonder of wonder, we may find ourselves in more agreement, than in disagreement…as you have pointed out.

I feel honored that you follow my writings. Thank you.

Blessings to you and your family.




I know this is a very old post, but I recently stumbled my way back here. I never meant you were ignorant or narrow-minded. I was still referencing the “few bad apples.” As mentioned above there are many, many grateful visitors and immigrants in this country. There are also many Americans with their arms wide open willing to accept anyone who respects us, our country, and our rules for protecting us and our borders. Those I am referencing are the people claiming this is a fight between all Americans and all immigrants.

It is also my opinion that our first and foremost priority is to protect the country in which so many aspire to live. There are reasons why people come to visit, live, or become citizens. Those reasons include our morals, standards, rules, guidelines, economy, government, people, culture, and more. We cannot disregard everything just to be friendly. It will deteriorate the very fabric of our country drawing people every day.

I know our country is not everyones’ favorite. But, it can’t be too bad if so many people come here. If they want to be here, they need to follow the process millions have followed before to maintain a healthy balance and structure.

Again, I apologize for letting you believe so long that I was referencing you when I said ignorant and narr0w-minded. I enjoy your thoughts and opinions. In fact, I think we may agree on more than we disagree. Thank you for writing honestly for everyone to read.



ok thanx for the advice u have helped me so much through life since i have been readin ur blogs. thanx for the oppertunity


Yes, Daniel, it is very sad. But all is not lost; there are lots of patriotic young people around, such as yourself. Remember, we’re depending on you.


Hello. I’ve been away all afternoon and into the evening. No, Helen, you didn’t upset me. I don’t upset easily.

Thanks to all of you for your fine thoughts and comments. I do appreciate your being here.

I’m concerned about Daniel. Anybody heard from him the last couple of days?

Ellen, there is a link in my original post–3rd paragraph, I believe. It goes to my source, with lots more material and pictures.

Blessings everybody.


Thanks AP – I prayed all the way home concerned that I had offended. I don’t know what the answer it – it is disrespectful that the Mexican flag is over the US flag (I almost said american flag but in the americas there are a bazillion countries). I am wondering why the flag is upside down (a universal sign of distress) – I am curious where this pole is and what circumstances led to a distress placement of the flag (not excusing it but curious none the less)

I wish everyone nothing but peace and Shirley I appreciate your blog (I read it every day!)

Blessings (and apologies if I was out of line)


Shirley, et al.,

I want to clarify something. I did not menetion Columbus nor throw down any gauntletand am not going to Dan’s blog. I was referring to the Revolutionary War, when I said our nation was conceived in war. We would not be the USA without the Revolutionary War. Native Americans were in this land before the Mayflower landed.

Racism is alive and well in this country, but it is not the cause of every evil. The few Mexicans who disrespected the US flag may perceive that racism is present. We need to make sure we do not validade their claim. I am personally appalled at thier actions.

I am proud to be an American, but I think there is room for improvement. And Shirley, If I upset you, I am sorry.


Thank you for clarifying my point concerning Columbus. My statement was in response to helen saying this country was “conceived in war”.I hardly see a journey of discovery, to be an act of war. Niether was my statement concerning school,housing and medical, a negative statement against them. I would just expect a little more respect from someone receiving any of these benefits. Furthermore, I very much agree, that these are very hard working people.But once again this is no excuse for disrespect.

blessings AP


To all,
Racism……….. has nothing to do with values and laws. I find it very disturbing…. when “Americans” defend the raising of OTHER nation’s flags above our own and respond to the outrage that it brings to true “red blooded American’s”, by crying………….racism. What a travesty and complete disrespect to even breathe those thoughts. An apple is an apple is an apple.
Perhaps, you should make a journey to Arlington National Cemetary and observe the undying respect rain or shine 24 hours a day 365 days a year that is given by Honor Guards of our Military to the “tomb of the unknown soldier”. Talk to the spilled blood on the beaches of “Normandy”, Take a jouney up “Hamburger Hill” and talk to the flesh that is forever embedded in the surrounding earth…….Racism you say?


This is an interesting thread and one that takes me a bit out of my comfort zone.

The following isn’t a response to anything you wrote Shirley per se. MOre to a couple of the comments.

I guess I will only respond to one of the things I read that I take some issue with. Columbus (a Spaniard) “discovered” this piece of land only as he was voyaging to find an easier way to get spices and other commercial goods. He did not intend to set forth a new nation and there were people here who already had their own culture and beliefs.

Those who finally did settle this nation (not Spaniards) held little regard for the culture or life that was already present here.

I am grateful to live in a free country. I don’t enjoy disrespect to people or nations – my country in particular. Our country is most likely the strongest in the world and I AM proud to be an American.

As for the unnamed people. Many ARE in public schools. Many are NOT in section 8 housing. Many are paying CASH for their purchases and not increasing consumer debt. Many are working 16 hour days doing labor most of us would not enjoy 6 and sometimes 7 days a week and on Sunday (Praise God) many in my area are attending my church’s newly formed Hispanic church – I think 14 of “them” were baptized last month.

A picture is a moment in time – not necessarily a trend – I could post a picture of the young teenagers a block away from me riding around in their golf cart adorned in the confederate flag last saturday night and call them racist, or neo-nazi, or even say the south will rise again.

Just some thoughts.

I can show you


Helen, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet now 😉 Keep an eye on my blog over the next couple of days for a post on this very subject including your allegations of racism. It is sure to be an excellent read.


Absolutely, Dan. There is a growing group of people who plan to “take back” the United States.

It’s a Catch 22 situation: Our country provides the freedom for all to speak out, yet some of these groups are acting against the very system that gives them that freedom.

And at times, when we note these actions as being wrong, we are castigated as being unfeeling and racist. It’s truly a dilemna.


I sort of agree with jonathantu’s last statement, although it would appear to me from what I can find on this incident that it was likely people loyal to Mexico who did this. From what I read at they put up the Mexican flag, flipped ours upside down and removed the flag of California. This smacks of “Reconquista” which is a movement to “take back” large parts of the southwest for Mexico by people who claim it belongs to them and not the U.S.. Not criminal behavior, however it certainly shouldn’t be tolerated by society.


Of course, Jonathantu, you’re right that only in a truly free nation is such expression allowed.

We are indeed blessed that both sides of every story can be heard and freely discussed.


I enjoy the fact that I’m from a country that allows for that kind of disrespect to itself. It speaks highly of our position, our ideals and our commitment to the idea of freedom of expression; after all, that last one is meant to include that which we disagree with the most.


Paul, from Scotland, and AP, from “closer”, thank you for being here, and most of all for the support for America and her ideals. Paul, it especially touches me that you are the one to say, “God bless America”, when you are a citizen of another country. I treasure your good thoughts.

Are we citizens of the country to come?–that is the question. Recall, that we are not designed to live here forever, just passing through, making our preparations for Heaven. Oh, happy day!



Ironically, the people protesting in these pictures are going to public school, getting a free american education. Many are in section 8 housing and recieving welfare and medical. These are founded statistics. The least I would except from a rational human being, no matter what race, would be a thankful heart and a little respect for the hand feeding them, even if I didn’t agree with some of there values.

To Helen,
I guess I don’t remember Columbus being in any battles when he landed, the battles and wars I remember, were to protect what we found, along with the values that our forefathers attached to this nation. I don’t remember us starting any wars to be unkind to anybody, war is not kind by nature, but the reasons for war are much deeper than who we can be kind or unkind to. Finally, if they don’t like America and it’s values, no problem, go back to where it was so great, wherever that was. As for me, even with it’s imperfections,and theres many, give me the USA!!

SJB your awsome!


Speaking from an impartial side (I’m in bonny Scotland), it’s very unfortunate. Extremely disrespectful; but a clear image, if I ever saw one, of how much confidence is being lost in the U.S. I, for one, will never lose that confidence.

America is full of great people, and I have made many friends through the internet who are from America.

God bless America. =]



Berean, thank you for the link. That is ridiculous.

No, Helen, America is not heaven, nor the promised land. Ever think much about heaven? Try to imagine how it will look? I remember as a child thinking I would be bored in Heaven. Oh, I wanted to go, for that was the right thing, but I was having so much fun in my childhood, I wasn’t sure I’d really be happy there. Silly, huh?



I see you as anything but narrow-minded. But we (Americans) must always ask ourselves if we have done anything to provoke an action we dislike. And while I find disrespect for the flag wrong, I do know that the world sees Americans through different eyes than we see ourselves.

When I waas 17, my mother took my sister, brother and I to England to meet our grandmother and other relatives for the first time. (My mother was a war bride and is a naturalized citizen of the US.) While I was there, I met the daughter of one of my mothers friends, with whom I had corresponded as a pen pal. When she spoke of her wish to “visit America,” something in her voice sounded like she was speaking of heaven. That was the first time I ever felt ashamed of my country.

The USA is not heaven nor the promised land, nor is it the horror seen in “The Ugly American.” It is just a country, much like any other, where people do the best they can. But sadly, the US was conceived in war. And since then, our government has not always been kind to its neighbors and fellow countries. Mexicans may well want a share of American wealth but not American values, which are often very selfish.


Dan and mwgrl5, thank you for coming by and for leaving comments.

Mwgrl5, I don’t believe I am terribly ignorant, (although there is more I do not know, than that I do know, I admit) and I’m not aware of ever being accused of being narrow-minded. But, I do feel as though it is us–we who do not want our flag desecrated–against them–those who disrespect our country and our laws. I feel strongly that I should speak out against such action.

I endeavor to do so in an honest, caring way.

And yes, we do need God’s blessing.



This is just another sad example of how a “few” bad apples can ruin the bunch. There is no need for this to become a “us versus them” situation, but only time will tell if the ignorant and narrow-minded on both sides turn it into that.

God bless those fighting for all of the people within the United States’ borders.


There was a time when one could be shot for doing something like that. Not that I’m suggesting that happen 😉 But if people want to enjoy the benefits of living in this country they need to have the utmost respect for our sovereignty.


Dear friends, one of the sterling qualities of a human being is gratitude. I trust that should I ever have to be taken in by another country, a relative, a stranger…whomever, I trust I would always be grateful for what they were doing for me.

Perhaps I could never repay them with money or energy or strength, but I could say thank you. I could honor them and acknowledge their goodness to me.

Many people who come to our country do demonstrate those very characteristics. I’ve heard some of them speak, and they are ashamed of other’s negative activities.


Hi Shirley!

When I saw the Mexican flag being paraded in the recent protests, I wondered what would happen to Americans if they were to go to Mexico City and stage a protest against the Mexican government carrying American flags. Methinks there would be quite a different response…



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